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An internal combustion engine in which heat produced by the compression of air in the cylinder is used to ignite the fuel.
  1. 'Now all you hear is the high pitched whine of the diesel engine in high compression.'
  2. 'The greater the compression of a diesel engine, the greater its power.'
  3. 'In the engine chamber of diesels, the pistons are rigged to create a high amount of pressure.'
  4. 'The inventor of the diesel engine expected it to be fuelled by vegetable oils, hemp being the most suitable.'
  5. 'The range of the tank was increased by the installation of a diesel engine and additional fuel tanks.'
  6. 'Generally there is no point with diesels as the power dies long before 4,000 rpm is on the clock.'
  7. 'Or maybe it will be alternative-powered vehicles such as hybrids, fuel cells or diesels.'
  8. 'Much of this relates to the fuel delivery system, the previous Achilles heel of the diesel engine.'
  9. 'If the fuel companies are to be believed, we also like to make sure we put the best fuel into our diesels.'
  10. 'At the end of the building, two large chiller units are stood, each with a diesel engine driving the compressor that keeps it cool.'
  11. 'eleven litres of diesel'
  12. 'How many barrels of diesel oil can you produce to keep it all running?'
  13. 'A new deli counter is the main feature, also on sale are all grocery items, plus diesel and petrol.'
  14. 'Organizations ranging from a coffee company in the northwest to school districts on the east coast are chucking their diesel oil for biodiesel.'
  15. 'The vessel was thought to be carrying heavy equipment, including bulldozers, cement and other construction materials, as well as 40 tons of diesel oil, when it capsized.'
  16. 'The trawler that sank off the East Coast of the Chatham Islands contained more than 100 tonnes of diesel oil, hydraulic oil and lubricating oils - a potential disaster for the 80 percent of locals who rely on the fishing industry in the area.'
  17. 'They would use renewable energy sources such as natural gas, diesel oil, bio-fuel and hydrogen to generate electricity with a steam turbine and any heat generated would be used to heat water.'
  18. 'Although catalytic cracking allows some of these compounds to be used in gasoline, the majority is used as furnace oil, diesel oil, and as industrial fuels.'
  19. 'We don't need to have gasoline as a fuel, or diesel oil as a fuel.'
  20. 'Biodiesel is an alternative to petroleum diesel and can be used to power cars, trucks, and buses.'
  21. 'Hundreds of gallons of diesel oil spilt into Kenmare harbour at the weekend posing a serious threat to the local environment.'

More definitions

1. noting a machine or vehicle powered by a diesel engine: diesel locomotive.

2. of or relating to a diesel engine: diesel fuel. noun

3. diesel engine.

4. a vehicle powered by a diesel engine.

5. diesel fuel.

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"prices can be diesel."

"oils can be diesel."

"carriers can be diesel."

"wills can be diesel."

"taxes can be diesel."

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Late 19th century: named after R. Diesel (see Diesel, Rudolf).