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(of a computer system or service) used remotely via a telephone line.
  1. 'If you use a dial-up Internet service, check the settings on your PC regularly.'
  2. 'Later this week I'll be comparing two dial-up modems designed for use on noisy lines.'
  3. 'Increased dissatisfaction with sluggish dial-up Net access is likely to increase demand for broadband services.'
  4. 'Telewest is flogging its cable broadband service for less than the price of unmetered dial-up access in a bid to attract new punters.'
  5. 'Signing up more flat-rate dial-up users is more likely to push the ISP towards the black.'
  6. 'Check it on a slow dial-up connection using a laptop, then turn the images off and see if you can still use the site.'
  7. 'The usual way to get a mobile device onto the Internet is to install a modem driver and then configure dial-up networking.'
  8. 'A local ISP is claiming that their new service will triple the speed of your dial-up connection.'
  9. 'Within the dial-up market, revenue from Internet access is starting to disappear.'
  10. 'The aim is to make WiFi access as simple to use as Internet dial-up connections.'


1. relating to or denoting a type of computer data transmission encoded in audio format and transmitted through a telephone call to an Internet service provider: A dial-up connection to the Internet is too slow to play most online video games.

More examples(as adjective)

"modems can be dialup."

"accesses can be dialup."

"softwares can be dialup."

"methods can be dialup."