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Wet with dew.
  1. 'Holywell Rowing Club's new boat passed its first test as it glided gracefully over the waters of Lough Gill on a dewy May evening last Thursday.'
  2. 'I've written before about the differences between living in the States and living in Canada, but I was struck by a difference I hadn't noticed before as I stood in the dewy grass on Boomer's.'
  3. 'It's the musical equivalent of a storm above a dewy meadow.'
  4. 'There's nothing as beautiful as an early-morning dewy newly-opened rose.'
  5. 'Some natural health practitioners advocate walking barefoot in dewy grass as a health-giving start to the day, and I must admit it does feel good.'
  6. 'The joy of walking through dewy streets was short-lived but memorable.'
  7. 'As for that scent, a windowless room where athletes sweat profusely isn't going to remind anyone of a dewy meadow.'
  8. 'Early morning is best, when the woods are cool and the ground is still moist and dewy.'
  9. 'Under the band of Milky Way stars, we listened to crickets pulsate in the dewy grass, and watched the orange coals lick themselves with tiny flames.'
  10. 'It was thus, as the sun broke over a dewy Parisian morn, that I decided to put in a call to the Hotel Casterix, a mere nine miles away back in Paris proper.'
(of a person's skin) appearing soft and lustrous.
  1. 'With these expert tips, you can lighten up your look by moving from winter's thick moisturizers and heavy foundations to dewy complexions and no-hassle hair and makeup.'
  2. 'Jason inhaled her youthful scent and marveled at the dewy softness of her caramel cheeks.'
  3. 'The serum soaks in, giving a smooth base in preparation for moisturising, while the day cream is silky-smooth and left my skin feeling and looking soft and dewy.'
  4. 'Think luminescent foundations, glossy lips, dewy cheeks and bright, soft eyes.'
  5. 'The first contains aluminium oxide crystals which remove dead skin cells, while the second tube of moisturiser is rich in Vitamin E to give your fresh new skin a dewy finish.'
  6. 'He guessed she was young; her skin had that dewy, fresh quality about it, with no wrinkles whatsoever.'
  7. 'The music is exactly what we should expect from this U.K. nymph - as predictable as her pixie haircut, dewy skin and familiar husky voice.'
  8. 'Water is essential not only for re-hydration but as the basis of good blood, dewy skin and healthy body tissues.'
  9. 'Mixing of textures on the face means a glossy lip on a matte face with a shimmery eye, or shimmery cheeks on a dewy face with a matte eye.'
  10. 'Must The New York Post always unleash its film editor, V.A. Musetto, on every dewy starlet who appears in an independent film?'
  11. 'To blame their youth, however, is to question the gimmick: two dewy adolescent Russians adding a lesbian jolt to teen pop's fading schoolgirl fantasies.'
  12. 'I'm sure I'll never look as dewy when I put all $110 worth of it on my face myself, but a girl can dream of buying youth, can't she?'
  13. 'But their unselfconsciousness extends beyond total ease with their unadorned bodies to a palpable sense of bliss in just being, taking each day as it came and glorying in their dewy vigour with every fibre of their beings.'
  14. 'They're all lies of course, but you have to realized that when a woman emerges from a facial looking dewy and refreshed, she's willing to believe some potion will help preserve the state of grace.'
  15. 'I figured this would be a hack job when I saw the dewy Joseph Fiennes was cast as Luther.'
  16. 'He cast a formerly dewy ingénue as the beautiful, shy, artistic young woman.'

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1. moist with or as if with dew.

2. having the quality of dew: dewy tears.

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"sporophores can be dewy."

"ministers can be dewy."

"youths can be dewy."

"veils can be dewy."

"vegetables can be dewy."

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Old English dēawig (see dew, -y).