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Very loving or loyal.
  1. 'Leo was devoted to his job'
  2. 'Through 21 years, she was a loving wife and devoted partner.'
  3. 'Narelle knew the hardships of cattle raising business, which began in humble circumstances about 26 years ago and the joys of being a devoted mother and a loving wife.'
  4. 'And if you are going to copy my layout, please remove any code which confuses blogstats, the thing which tells me who my loyal and devoted fan base is.'
  5. 'And if you want to believe that Jan Rogers is completely faithful and devoted to you, then that's fine.'
  6. 'Naturally he will also need my devoted attention and loving care in the time ahead if he is to get better as I hope.'
  7. 'Since then, his records have been sometimes patchy, indifferent affairs, but he's retained a devoted, loyal fanbase.'
  8. 'He was a devout Catholic, a very devoted husband and father.'
  9. 'They are patient nannies for children, and devoted, loving companions for adults.'
  10. 'Meanwhile, Mick and the lads hope to renew acquaintances with many of their loyal and devoted followers when they take to the stage in Crossmolina on Sunday night.'
  11. 'All four are wished a long, contented and healthy retirement after all their years of loyal and devoted service to the Council and the people of the district.'
Given over to the display, study, or discussion of.
  1. 'It's home to the Bettie Morton Gallery and the Brixton Art Gallery - both devoted to up-and-coming African-British artists.'
  2. 'Of course, I can understand the secular world calling it a theory, but we would say it's devoted to biblical history and true operational science.'
  3. 'This section of the essay is devoted to an article in Nature magazine on the evolution of the immune system in lampreys (a jawless, parasitic fish).'
  4. 'An entire store devoted to everything Swiss Army is the campers' delight!'


1. zealous or ardent in attachment, loyalty, or affection: a devoted friend.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be devoted to people."

"areas can be devoted to growths."

"supporters can be devoted to people."

"series can be devoted to makings."

"professors can be devoted to things."

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