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Having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it.
  1. 'No, if I'm to enter SYTYF and risk the derision that may entail, I'm determined that it be for a nobler cause.'
  2. 'There is so much we don't know about September 11, and the government seems determined that we should continue not to know.'
  3. 'Tough times did not diminish their idealism but made them even more determined that to transform lives you have to transform society.'
  4. 'It was very unpleasant but I'm completely determined that people should be able to live in peace.'
  5. 'So we were all really determined that the politics of the strike, of that working class community at the time, should be central to the musical.'
  6. 'He returned home disillusioned, but determined that he would never lose another race under any circumstances.'
  7. 'And this also makes me the more desirous to read him and the more determined that I will not.'
  8. 'The brutal assault on Patsy Kehoe has left the man shaken but determined that he will not be put out of his home by thugs.'
  9. 'Following last year's cancellation, the organisers are even more determined that it should be a superb three days.'
  10. 'I don't normally make New Year Resolutions, but I'm determined that 2004 is going to see me pass the 50 mark.'
  11. 'Helen was a determined little girl'
  12. 'The new investment policies have been a determined effort in this direction.'
  13. 'We were well aware before the conflict began of the determined efforts made by the regime to dismantle the weapons, to hide them.'
  14. 'Now, Union armies are massing in Eastern Tennessee in a determined effort to cut the South in two.'
  15. 'There is no amount of forces, no amount of money that can protect them at the end of the day if there is a determined effort or if there's inside help.'
  16. 'This proved to be an excellent motivator for the team in terms of spurring them on to deliver a focused and determined team effort.'
  17. 'Legitimacy involves not only genuine adherence to international rules, but also a determined effort to win hearts and minds throughout the world.'
  18. 'Despite a strong and determined second half effort, the Warriors lost the game, 70-61.'
  19. 'Connacht survived a determined Beziers display to squeeze into the second round of the Parker Pen Challenge Cup despite defeat in Galway.'
  20. 'He said he had made consistent and determined efforts to resolve the matter and had visited the workers on a number of occasions to lend his support.'
  21. 'In the US and UK, meantime, determined and successful efforts have been made to extend the term of copyright.'


1. resolute; staunch: the determined defenders of the Alamo.

2. decided; settled; resolved.

3. Grammar. (of a phonetic feature) predictable from its surrounding context.

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"wages can be determined by things."

"thieves can be determined to steals."

"supplies can be determined by sizes."

"senses can be determined by sorts."

"rates can be determined by forces."

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