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An individual fact or item.
  1. mass noun 'her meticulous attention to detail'
  2. 'Further details on the individual ministries are available as follows.'
  3. 'Ask them to examine the pictures carefully, looking for individual details.'
  4. 'Attention to detail is one factor that has made his books so believable, and if you then add in an exciting plot you have a classic book of this genre.'
  5. 'Further details of individual fats and oils are given in the articles on the various nuts and other sources from which they are produced.'
  6. 'More detail on the individual elements contained in these systems is provided below.'
  7. 'You display great attention to detail which can be considered good fortune or a curse when it comes to relationships.'
  8. 'Phase three was to begin in early 2002, but there were no specific details on that particular attack.'
  9. 'But they will have to provide more specific details on key elements of his plans like what kind of materials will be used in the development.'
  10. 'Class discussions focus on specific details, including individual words, even sounds.'
  11. 'Well, the attention to detail is excellent, and as soon as we sat down small plates of ham and pungent Parmesan and some gloriously crisp olive oil appeared out of the ether.'
  12. 'FitzGerald came across as somebody who frets at minor details.'
  13. 'But such minor details do not stop anyone with an agenda from plucking figures out of thin air and claiming they prove a point.'
  14. 'Evidently about what it is to that reporter's editor - a detail too minor to warrant correction.'
  15. 'I disagree with some of the minor details here and there, but yes we do need reform.'
  16. 'Not only are the small details now significantly more vivid, but the overall levels have been adjusted as well.'
  17. 'These are some minor details Mr. Langer must have forgotten in his interview.'
  18. 'I had got to a point where I hadn't learned anything new for ages and I was getting overly upset by minor household details.'
  19. 'He seemed eager to run out the clock as he filled time with digressions and minor details.'
  20. 'We'd all aged a bit, with changes in hairstyles and clothes and a few other minor details.'
  21. 'Step two: wait a year or two and repeat step one, changing the stars and some minor plot details and call it a sequel.'
  22. 'a detail on Charlemagne's tomb'
  23. 'It's a culture known for its richly ornate details in its decorative arts.'
  24. 'A shared vocabulary of high-tech construction details links the buildings visually.'
  25. 'Refined decorative details were concentrated in the entrance and the eaves of the building with rows of geometric shapes.'
  26. 'The eaves and soffit detail shown on the latest plan appears to be fairly heavy in its visual impact and I would ask you to give this more consideration.'
  27. 'Mr. Roney took this to be a typical floor detail at the east and west walls.'
  28. 'But Gluck says his favorite feature is the decorative detail along the top rim of the building.'
  29. 'Decorative details include laminate flooring and strategically placed glass bricks to allow the flow of light through the home.'
  30. 'Georgian homes are similar to Colonials, but feature richer details and ornamentation.'
  31. 'One excuse for not reviewing the important details of a new building is being dazzled by the architect.'
  32. 'I did not bother to look at the beautiful details and decoration, I was so angry and on the verge of tears.'
  33. 'Her meticulous attention to detail means she also spends considerable time researching pieces before she begins the restoration and she is currently studying the tapestry detail on the seats.'
  34. 'Firstly, there are some matters of design detail which were never displayed.'
  35. 'While the set design has some unrealistic elements to it, the costumes for A Month in the Country feature plenty of period detail.'
  36. 'Melville House was Fife's first mansion styled symmetrically with classical detail.'
  37. 'On the other hand, the depth and detail of the featurettes would complement a minor masterpiece.'
  38. 'The sparingly used stone classical detail gives distinction to a relatively low-cost brick shell.'
  39. 'Community art initiatives in South Africa tend to always follow the cliché of painting murals or producing mosaic details.'
  40. 'We see that the invitation images are details of works that play unnervingly with space.'
  41. 'Figure 11.2 expands the detail to illustrate the significance of the overlaps.'
  42. 'This photo is a detail from a stained glass window painted by Chagall.'
  43. 'the official asked for my father's details'
  44. 'Visitors were asked to hand over credit card details and personal information.'
  45. 'The directory gives contact details and various information, including where and when they train.'
  46. 'Controlling availability of personal details of sources/informants is also important.'
  47. 'The site is also verisign approved, which means that clients personal information and credit card details are secure.'
  48. 'You can find Ken's web site with all the details and contact information here.'
  49. 'Include basic details like contact information, band members, name of song and the name of the album it comes from.'
  50. 'The fraudsters then pasted a notice to induce victims to divulge their bank information details.'
  51. 'Those interested can glean a bit more information and contact details from their project page at Garage Games.'
  52. 'The first was basic core information such as contact details and information on the legal areas practiced by the solicitor.'
  53. 'One final tip: don't throw away anything that contains any personal information, especially financial details.'
A small detachment of troops or police officers given a special duty.
  1. 'At the main table the rest of the Bright Eyes sat with the bridge crew, mechanics and technicians, and the small security detail assigned to the ship.'
  2. 'In that same year, he joined the Army MI Branch with a detail to the Infantry.'
  3. 'She was very composed while he thanked the flight crew and the security detail.'
  4. 'That, he says, as his special branch detail outpace the Big Banana battlebus through Corstorphine traffic, could be a good sign.'
  5. 'After proceeding outside, team advanced upon Moloctan guard detail on duty around shuttle craft.'
  6. 'Other predominantly male camps, such as Buchenwald, included female labour details employed on munitions work.'
  7. 'On Friday the State Department confirmed the use of a private security detail managed by officers of its Diplomatic Security Service.'
  8. 'After an enemy work detail enters the tunnel, the patrol blows up the entrance.'
  9. 'In addition to that commitment, medics worked with civil ambulance on first aid tasks along with a range of other personnel working on rear detail support functions.'
  10. 'I'm not going to stick you on dish detail or cleaning toilets.'
  11. 'He took stock of the small contingent assigned the unpleasant task of burial detail.'
  12. 'The quantitative correlation of special-purpose details in alert crews also changed.'
  13. 'Gould recently completed a 3-year detail to the Director of Operational Test and Evaluation Live Fire Office.'


Give full information about.
  1. 'Participants recognised pioneer aviator Sir Norman Brearley with the unveiling of a plaque detailing information about Sir Brearley and the country's first airline service.'
  2. 'More than 2,000 information packs detailing the sort of help available to businesses have been issued by Ryedale District Council.'
  3. 'Residents on Canvey have backed plans to spend ‘civic pride’ cash on a information board detailing the island's history.'
  4. 'Researching the poster campaign I discovered a number of internet web-logs detailing other people's outraged responses.'
  5. 'The accounts of other socialist women are detailed at the Women and Marxism website.'
  6. 'The report also details a lengthy catalogue of human rights infringements and cultural destruction associated with the dam.'
  7. 'The painful conditions in the Achilles tendon region of these 21 badminton players are detailed in Table 3.'
  8. 'Ian Finnigan, operations team leader for the region, said the agency will be producing a full report detailing how areas were affected.'
  9. 'This treasure trove of information details the daring deeds and derring-do of a galaxy of Headingley Stadium stars.'
  10. 'And what specifically was detailed in that October report that Major O'Kane saw?'
Assign (someone) to undertake a particular task.
  1. 'Aware that I was detailed to serve as orderly at the Supreme Court, I prepared my tunic the night before, so that the following morning I was only required to slip into it and appear at my post on time.'
  2. 'He testified that as a police officer, he was detailed to maintain law and order at Chisokone Polling Station.'
  3. 'The army, public services and Local Authority staff were detailed to assist in organising harvesting operations and in providing transport and food for volunteers.'
  4. 'The Metropolitan Police were so concerned, two Special Branch officers were detailed to accompany Galloway to a debate on US foreign policy at Cambridge on Thursday.'
  5. 'The British tried to effect an improvement by detailing liaison officers, but these officers found themselves practically helpless.'
  6. 'A quote from a German soldier speaks of how six men were detailed to each execution - three to target the head, the others the heart.'
  7. 'They had also tracked down the poor horse, detailing someone to ride it back to the police station.'
  8. 'O.K., France has detailed one officer to help train the Iraqi police.'
  9. 'While he was there, he and other prisoners were detailed to build a monument to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the 1943 rebellion on Rab.'
  10. 'In times of war and the threat of raiding parties, men are detailed to act as lookouts from the tower.'
Clean (a motor vehicle) thoroughly.
  1. 'You probably spend hours detailing your car - so how about spending a few minutes on those nails.'
  2. 'The model is detailed with a sunroof and electric chromic rear view mirror, and boasts a six-speed manual or 4-stage auto sportshift.'
  3. 'Remove dints and scratches and chips from cars; detail your car inside and out and respray the car, for $1000.'

More definitions

1. an individual or minute part; an item or particular.

2. particulars collectively; minutiae.

3. attention to or treatment of a subject in individual or minute parts: to postpone detail and concentrate on a subject as a whole.

4. intricate, finely wrought decoration.

5. Engineering. detail drawing.

6. any small section of a larger structure or whole, considered as a unit.

7. Military. an appointment or assignment, as of a small group or an officer, for a special task. the party

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"lackings can be detail."

"weeks can be detail."

"proposals can be detail."

"people can be detail."

"advices can be detail."

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Early 17th century (in the sense ‘minor items or events regarded collectively’): from French détail (noun), détailler (verb), from dé- (expressing separation) + tailler ‘to cut’ (based on Latin talea ‘twig, cutting’).


(down) to the last (or final, smallest, etc.) detail
go into detail
in detail