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Separate or disconnected.
  1. 'Between those years the cost of a four bedroom detached in Brandlesholme soared from £46, 500 to £175,000.'
  2. 'Halifax says that the rise reflects the fact that detached houses are increasingly the aspiration of homeowners.'
  3. 'The Robin Hood Hotel, in Kingston Vale, was closed in August and developer Bewley Homes wants to demolish it and build six detached and two semi-detached houses.'
  4. 'No decision has yet been taken about what will replace the properties, but it is understood that detached housing is the most likely option.'
  5. 'For sale by private treaty is a private development of just four three bedroom detached houses finished to the highest standard in the picturesque village of Ardattin in South Carlow.'
  6. 'The house is now a three-storey detached residence accessed from Sion Road through recessed gates.'
  7. 'This four bedroom detached bungalow is located in a mature and highly regarded residential area of the town.'
  8. 'They believe that everyone wants to live in single-family detached houses in the middle of an acre of land.'
  9. 'A tarmac driveway allows for off-street parking and there is also a detached garage.'
  10. 'The properties will range from two bedroom terraced houses to five bedroom detached properties, and will include 13 low cost homes.'
  11. 'She contacted a local detached drug worker in the area who introduced her to some local users and accompanied her on her first few research visits.'
Aloof and objective.
  1. '"For the first 24 hours I was emotionally detached from everything going on.'
  2. 'Necessarily, he was a little bit more detached.'
  3. 'All these practices flout psychology's belief that researchers must remain detached from their research in order to preserve their objectivity.'
  4. 'He tried to concentrate on the opening words of all parties involved, but the sounds seemed to come from a distance and he felt as though he were somewhat detached from it all.'
  5. 'I was a little bit - you know, detached from everything.'
  6. 'I was supposed to be indifferent, nonchalant and completely detached from him.'
  7. 'Although I FEEL rather detached in most aspect in my life right now, my mind has been frantically active and many thoughts are racing inside my brain.'
  8. 'Did you find it hard to remain emotionally detached?'
  9. 'But doesn't the combination of an Oxford academic workload and a Blue Boat training regime leave him socially detached from anyone outside the tiny rowing bubble?'
  10. 'As he stood there, Jim felt oddly detached.'


1. not attached; separated: a detached ticket stub.

2. having no wall in common with another building (opposed to attached): a detached house.

3. impartial or objective; disinterested; unbiased: a detached judgment.

4. not involved or concerned; aloof.

More examples(as adjective)

"theories can be detached from levels."

"researchers can be detached from groups."

"portions can be detached from colonies."

"people can be detached from worlds."

"people can be detached from woods."

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