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Deserving hatred and contempt.
  1. 'All right, that's a pretty despicable thing to say and I'm restraining myself because you're a friend.'
  2. 'This would encourage the victims to come forward and do much to bring an end to this type of despicable organised crime.'
  3. 'These are foolish and despicable crimes, often carried out by youngsters from the area in which the school is based.'
  4. 'He soon found himself involved in one of the most despicable trades of those days - slavery.'
  5. 'The way people across the district were left stranded is totally despicable.'
  6. 'The roads have been in despicable condition for years and markings do not seem to exist at all.'
  7. 'The way the council acts is despicable and should not be allowed.'
  8. 'This car belonged to a pensioner who has difficulty walking and, because of this despicable act, is now housebound.'
  9. 'It is even more despicable that there are some people who are prepared to listen.'
  10. 'The manipulation of donated aid resources is a most despicable moral crime.'


1. deserving to be despised, or regarded with distaste, disgust, or disdain; contemptible: He was a mean, despicable man, who treated his wife and children badly.

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"behavours can be despicable in things."

"acts can be despicable."

"people can be despicable."

"attacks can be despicable."

"crimes can be despicable."

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Mid 16th century: from late Latin despicabilis, from despicari ‘look down on’.