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Treat (a sacred place or thing) with violent disrespect.
  1. 'Vandals have desecrated graves at a cemetery described as having some of the finest funerary art in the North of England.'
  2. 'Well, it's hurtful to us that someone would desecrate her grave.'
  3. 'A two-minute silence was held and each member of the congregation was invited to lay flowers on those graves desecrated by the yobs.'
  4. 'Even its cemetery was desecrated, its 400 graves dug up.'
  5. 'He was sickened when, just months later, vandals desecrated the memorial, built to commemorate villagers who fought in the First World War.'
  6. 'They've ruined our economy, apparently seized our oil and desecrated our sacred sites and our museums.'
  7. 'A multi-million dollar gold mine with an estimated yield of $1.2 billion threatens to desecrate a sacred site of the Wiradjuri people.'
  8. 'Yes, well that's to protect against intruders who want to desecrate this holy room.'
  9. 'A distressed son is calling for greater security at a cemetery after three gravestones were desecrated by vandals.'
  10. 'Then during the American Revolution, the British eliminated the meeting house's role as a public gathering place, desecrating the church by using it as a riding school.'
  11. 'many lanes are desecrated with yellow lines'
  12. 'No wonder then that there is panic about this deluge of pornography that is desecrating culture and family values.'
  13. 'Without exception, the children were incensed at the idea of Scottish battle sites being desecrated by building development.'
  14. 'Who are these lazy, careless citizens who chose to pollute and desecrate this beautiful area - they cannot all be visitors!'
  15. 'It is depressing for teachers and pupils alike to see their working environment desecrated by the moronic minority.'
  16. 'However, a Council spokesman said the roots of the trees that had been felled were damaged, and it was not correct to state that they had set out to desecrate the area.'
  17. 'There's plenty of narcissism triggers in his background - the highly respected, distant father, whose values he gleefully desecrates even as he treats him with an almost somber respect.'
  18. 'And why, when they live in one of the most beautiful parts of the British Isles do they want to desecrate the view with this abhorrence?'

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1. to divest of sacred or hallowed character or office.

2. to divert from a sacred to a profane use or purpose.

3. to treat with sacrilege; profane.

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"graves can be desecrated."

"tombs can be desecrated."

"graveyards can be desecrated."

"churches can be desecrated."

"altars can be desecrated."

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(desecrate)Late 17th century: from de- (expressing reversal) + a shortened form of consecrate.