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Causing or resulting in a feeling of miserable dejection.
  1. 'It was almost as if the pair of eyes were telling him a story, a depressing story where no words were needed to be said nor heard.'
  2. 'Letters from my family are sort of depressing, though sometimes my cousins write a few words that makes me laugh.'
  3. 'The series's triumph is in making a depressing premise funny, while never losing sight of the grim reality beneath the laughs.'
  4. 'That feeling of dejection could be very depressing for a child if he is not able to establish a relationship he wants.'
  5. 'He had no intention to go to her funeral, to endure a depressing ceremony just to say parting words of love that he had already given her while she still lived.'
  6. 'However, although the specter of death hovers over the entire film, it is neither a grim nor a depressing experience.'
  7. 'It's also makes for a dingy, depressing way to live.'
  8. 'Against such a depressing backdrop, teaching children ‘the magic word’ and the golden rule seems hopeless.'
  9. 'Why couldn't he leave me to my miserable depressing, but completely productive thoughts?'
  10. 'Our changing cultural climate has replaced the traditional image of boys with a bleaker and more depressing picture.'
Causing a damaging reduction in economic activity.
  1. 'By doing this they will set in motion a depressing effect on economic activity some time in the future - more than likely in 12 months or so time.'
  2. 'Higher rates also have a strong depressing effect on securities prices, as we have seen in the past year.'
  3. 'Yes, it is having a depressing effect on the price, but that's the consequence of a requirement of public honesty.'
  4. 'It is easy to see why a fall in interest rates has a magnified effect in Anglo-American economies, and when rates are rising there is a significant depressing effect.'
  5. 'In both cases, there are depressing effects on other sectors as well.'
  6. 'These can all have a depressing effect on local industry.'
  7. 'Indeed, high unemployment in France has had the effect of depressing pay.'
  8. 'The faster prices are expected to decline, the greater will be the depressing effect on investment.'
  9. 'Record oil prices (in nominal terms) will likely have a depressing effect on growth over the medium term.'


1. serving to depress; inducing a state of depression: depressing news.

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"poisons can be depressing in actions."

"lasts can be depressing of people."

"books can be depressing at lengths."

"attachments can be depressing in people."

"prices can be depressing."

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