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Represent by a drawing, painting, or other art form.
  1. 'these equations may be depicted on a graph'
  2. 'The food is traditional hearty Saxon fair, and there are paintings on the wall depicting scenes from the play.'
  3. 'The exhibition showed a number of paintings, depicting a wide spectrum of society.'
  4. 'All Arthur had was the rights to the novel and a portfolio of paintings depicting possible scenes.'
  5. 'The earliest known painting to depict a Shakespearean scene is being bought by the National Trust, it was announced today.'
  6. 'The four-metre wide painting depicts a typical Lowry scene of Victorian life in a northern cotton town.'
  7. 'The painting depicts various containers and bottles on an old varnished counter.'
  8. 'A touching painting was the one depicting motherhood made in canvas by K. Kumaran.'
  9. 'The city art museum, the Herbert Gallery, is nearby, and houses several paintings depicting the Godiva story.'
  10. 'Paintings of Timothy Thilakumar depict his deep attachment for flowers and woods.'
  11. 'This painting depicted a group of city guardsmen awaiting the command to fall in line.'
  12. 'He's depicted as a lonely man who doesn't even take the time to enjoy the money he makes.'
  13. 'Chimpanzees have been depicted as killer apes whereas they are really more than that.'
  14. 'Today such sentiments tend to be treated with scepticism, if not depicted as elitist.'
  15. 'Eltham is sometimes depicted as a deprived area with few recreation venues and nothing to offer children.'
  16. 'Factory workers are depicted as work-shy and devious, company directors as unscrupulous.'
  17. 'He belonged to the noble or warrior caste and is depicted as wealthy and indulgent towards his son.'
  18. 'As in a disaster movie, the lives are depicted as parallel narratives, hinged on the impending disaster.'
  19. 'Yet, the incident was depicted as another example of a farmer abusing his worker.'
  20. 'Yet he implored that the Indian Empire should not be depicted as an exclusive commercial concern.'
  21. 'The tribute does not applaud or pay homage to the people who are depicted as maids, but to their servitude.'

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1. to represent by or as if by painting; portray; delineate.

2. to represent or characterize in words; describe.

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"people can be depict in colours."

"figurineses can be depict in cattles."

"figurineses can be depict in attitudes."

"figurineses can be depict."

"tympanums can be depict."

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Late Middle English: from Latin depict- ‘portrayed’, from the verb depingere, from de- ‘completely’ + pingere ‘to paint’.