Adjective "depersonalise" definition and examples

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Divest of human characteristics or individuality.
  1. 'a depersonalized view of nature'
  2. 'Finally, technology threatens to depersonalize our lives and increase our ultimate loneliness.'
  3. 'The people that commit this crime depersonalise it, as humans do not appear to be involved, however the damages can have severe effects on your business as well as your health and well being.'
  4. 'He said: ‘The use of medical slang helps to depersonalise the distress encountered in doctors' everyday working lives’.'
  5. 'This, as the reasoning often continues, is a quite convincing sign of the state of alienation in which individuals in the anonymous, depersonalized western world today find themselves.'
  6. '"When we consider a human being as a problem, we depersonalize him, we offend his human dignity," he said.'

More definitions

1. to make impersonal.

2. to deprive of personality or individuality: a mechanistic society that is depersonalizing its members.

More examples(as adjective)

"makings can be depersonalise."