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A country or province controlled by another.
  1. 'The UK also has it's share of legitimate micro legislatures, although they are dependencies such as the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.'
  2. 'The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are not part of the United Kingdom but direct crown dependencies.'
  3. 'Most of Spain's European dependencies, in Italy and the Netherlands, went to the Austrians; and the Dutch kept their barrier fortresses.'
  4. 'The Chinese Government further weakened an already weak position by the ambiguous attitude which it took to its dependencies and tributaries.'
  5. 'St. Helena is a British dependency, but also has two dependencies of its own.'
  6. 'A list of them would contain most of the colonies, lately dependencies, of Spain in South America.'
  1. 'Plato hypothesized that dependency on writing as an external memory store would be detrimental to memory.'
  2. 'We wonder why governments are so reluctant to reduce harmful emissions caused by our dependency on fossil fuels.'
  3. 'To teach them to embrace dependency on the government is to embrace learned helplessness.'
  4. 'There is evidence of bonding between mother and calf; dependency on mother may last up to two years.'
  5. 'Then there is the sinking stock market and the move from guaranteed retirement pay to dependency on the ups and downs of financial casinos.'
  6. 'It fosters a sense of ownership of their services and reduced dependency on others.'
  7. 'To discourage dependency on the food bank, the re-registration form is more detailed.'
  8. 'On the downside, this dependency on biography and history means that sometimes the tales do not stand in their own right.'
  9. 'But does this dependency on the fans change the band/audience dynamic in an entirely positive way?'
  10. 'A player's dependency on meeting the right manager at the right time begins at an early age.'

More definitions

1. the state of being dependent; dependence.

2. something dependent or subordinate; appurtenance.

3. an outbuilding or annex.

4. a subject territory that is not an integral part of the ruling country.

More examples(as adjective)

"theoristses can be dependency."

"systems can be dependency."

"styles can be dependency."

"aspects can be dependency."