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Be controlled or determined by.
  1. 'The prognosis primarily depends on the extent of the disease at presentation and the age of the patient.'
  2. 'Whether bank regulators are accountable depends partly also on the general law.'
  3. 'Omnivorous species were classified as relying on animal or vegetable food depending on the most important contribution to the diet.'
  4. 'The rise of self-organization in human systems depends to a large degree on initiative.'
  5. 'The capacity of North America to pay for its imports on such a scale depended to a considerable degree on its earnings from supplying the plantations of the West Indies.'
  6. 'The properties of today's composite materials depend largely on the size and type of ceramic filler particle.'
  7. 'Their survival depended on the continued support of powerful group leaders.'
  8. 'Indeed, achieving industrial diversification of African economies depends in large measure on the expansion of trade opportunities.'
  9. 'Businesses depend to a significant degree on banking and access to banking services.'
  10. 'Control of malaria and anaemia depends largely on passive case detection and appropriate treatment.'
Be able to trust; rely on.
  1. 'Your child wants you to stay in control while they are out of control, so they can rely and depend on you.'
  2. 'He was very capable-but this little girl, whom everyone depended upon - depended on him.'
  3. 'Everyone knows the difference between a friend you can rely on and a friend you depend on.'
  4. 'It's about a set of strangers that meet in a post-apocalyptic future and learn to trust and depend on each other.'
  5. 'And that was partially why he'd trusted her so much, believed in and depended on her so much.'
  6. 'a town which had depended heavily upon the wool industry'
  7. 'The Irish Heart Foundation is a voluntary organisation and depends on the support of the people.'
  8. 'The success of the parish draw depends on the support of the community.'
  9. 'The problem was that in a community where hunters depended on each other's support in times of difficulty, the man who shot dogs would soon find himself isolated.'
  10. 'The success of the fund-raising evening will depend on the support of the public.'
  11. 'The success of the program depends on the community support and the willingness of employers to take on clients.'
  12. 'This meals-on-wheels and other services depend on financial support from the public.'
  13. 'He depended on financial support from a variety of friends who pitied him.'
  14. 'She has not depended on the Respondent for financial support other than for child support, which he has always paid.'
  15. 'The media have gone from depending upon subscribers to depending upon advertisers for financial support.'
  16. 'Little did they think that the time would come in my life when I would depend upon being able to talk to earn a living for the family.'
  17. 'An adjective can depend on a noun, but can it also depend on another adjective?'
Hang down.
  1. 'Each of these portions has slots formed therein and tongues which depend from each slot.'

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1. to rely; place trust (usually followed by on or upon): You may depend on the accuracy of the report.

2. to rely for support, maintenance, help, etc. (usually followed by on or upon): Children depend on their parents.

3. to be conditioned or contingent (usually followed by on or upon): His success here depends upon effort and ability.

4. to be undetermined or pending: I may go to Europe or I may not, it all depends.

5. Grammar. (of a word or other li

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"rules can be depended."

"factors can be depended."

"varieties can be depended."

"testimonies can be depended."

"successes can be depended."

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(depend)Late Middle English (in depend (sense 3); also in the sense ‘wait or be in suspense’): from Old French dependre, from Latin dependere, from de- ‘down’ + pendere ‘hang’.


depending on
it (or that)(all) depends