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Concerned with or belonging to a department of an organization.
  1. 'Before that, he worked for nine years in the Prosecutor General's Office as a departmental head.'
  2. 'He said it would be partly financed by swapping departmental buildings in Dublin for property in rural towns.'
  3. 'Financial rules forbid utilization of departmental receipts for expenditure.'
  4. 'His mechanisms for Treasury control of departmental spending have been resented as political interference.'
  5. 'In October, the human resources department sent out details of the new grades to departmental managers for checking.'
  6. 'Dlodlo said road safety was a departmental priority and it was important the cause of the accident be established.'
  7. 'The general reserve account is the main fund that pays for day-to-day departmental services.'
  8. 'He feels that using unspent carry-forward amounts could damage departmental projects.'
  9. 'She suggests setting up small departmental group meetings so that no employee is singled out.'
  10. 'At that meeting there were 14 departmental staff and officials, and four members of the public.'


1. a distinct part of anything arranged in divisions; a division of a complex whole or organized system.

2. one of the principal branches of a governmental organization: the sanitation department.

3. (initial capital letter) one of the principal divisions of the U.S. federal government, headed by a secretary who is a member of the president's cabinet.

4. a division of a business enterprise dealing with a particular area of activity: the personnel department.

5. a section of a ret

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