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Remove or conceal an unpleasant smell in.
  1. 'Salt can deodorise Thermos bottles, jugs and other closed containers.'
  2. 'White vinegar or lemon juice cleans and deodorizes.'
  3. 'We all know that baking soda does a great job deodorizing the fridge and cleaning teeth, but battling plant pathogens?'
  4. 'However, in order to reduce odour levels we are using a temporary deodorising system and we are experimenting with the adjustment of sludge agitation frequencies.'
  5. 'Baking soda can also be used to deodorize bottles by filling them with undiluted baking soda and allowing the bottles to soak overnight.'
  6. 'There is also a need for higher temperatures to dry and deodorize the garments, which makes shrinkage and re-deposition of soil into the clothes more likely.'
  7. 'Have the housing unit cleaned upon vacating by fumigation, deodorizing, professional carpet cleaning, or other method appropriate under the circumstances.'
  8. 'The native chemical and physical properties of sodium bicarbonate account for its wide range of applications, including cleaning, deodorizing, buffering, and fire extinguishing.'
  9. 'And wastewater left over after the methane is extracted, greatly deodorized, is used for fertilizing the farm's fields.'
  10. 'Briefed, de-briefed, hungry, sweated and deodorised, we waited for the big man to come, happy about the special access we were granted, yet a trifle upset that so many media people were waiting outside in the sun, hoping to do their jobs.'

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1. to rid of odor, especially of unpleasant odor.

More examples(as adjective)

"oleins can be deodorised."

"forms can be deodorised."

"butters can be deodorised."


(deodorize)Mid 19th century: from de- (expressing removal) + Latin odor ‘smell’ + -ize.