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Strip (something) of its covering, possessions, or assets.
  1. 'Musically, their self-imposed imperative of the most basic, stripped-down sound possible simply denudes their songs of what little interest they may have triggered in the first place.'
  2. 'It is nature's twilight zone, a place that has repulsed all human efforts to mine or farm it, or denude it with herds of cattle or flocks of sheep.'
  3. 'If forests are denuded and environment continually abused in this manner there will be very bad days ahead for the next generation, he said.'
  4. 'They point to the area flanking the existing road in northern Darién, noting that it is denuded, treeless, and barren.'
  5. 'The gritty, industrialized city that grew up around the mines spilled down the Hill onto the flats below, denuding the immediate surroundings through its processes of extraction and production.'
  6. 'In the competition for excess, it is also necessary for a candidate's handlers to denude every dime store within a hundred miles of its stock of red, white and blue balloons.'
  7. 'Sulphur emissions from the gold and copper mines have denuded the hills of growth.'
  8. 'Hardy and well-adapted, these plants help hold soil in place and revegetate lands denuded by wildfire or disturbed by mining.'
  9. 'They were denuding the sheep pastures of grass, turning once successful ranches into wastelands and reducing wool production by half.'
  10. 'If top-fee universities in England start paying more, will Scottish universities be denuded of quality academics?'

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1. to make naked or bare; strip: The storm completely denuded the trees.

2. Geology. to subject to denudation.

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"themselveses can be denuded of spendings."

"rights can be denuded of resources."

"people can be denuded of wigs."

"pears can be denuded of spikes."

"pears can be denuded into quarters."

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(denude)Late Middle English: from Latin denudare, from de- ‘completely’ + nudare ‘to bare’ (from nudus ‘naked’).