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Having a branched form resembling a tree.
  1. 'Non-drugged rats that were placed in the complex cages had spiny neurons with increased dendritic branching, reflecting new neuronal development.'
  2. 'For example, limestone often contains dendritic (tree-like) patterns formed by precipitating manganese dioxide, and they are unique as are snowflakes.'
  3. 'At birth most of the connections, including dendritic growth and branching and synapse formation, are missing.'
  4. 'Once activated, dendritic cells interact with other components of the immune system to stimulate the multiplication of a subset of T cells that will recognize and destroy infected cells.'
  5. 'Rousing slumbering T cells is the job of dendritic cells, the sentinels of the immune system.'
  6. 'dendritic salt'
  7. 'Fine specimens from this locality consist of lustrous lamellae to 3 cm long, prismatic crystals, and penetration twins producing arborescent or dendritic forms.'
  8. 'This alloy, which is used widely for tubes, sheets and wires, also shows a dendritic structure of the a solid solution when chill fast.'


1. formed or marked like a dendrite.

2. of a branching form; arborescent.

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"cells can be dendritic."

"spines can be dendritic."

"trees can be dendritic."

"structures can be dendritic."

"tributarieses can be dendritic."

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