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Take away or alter the natural qualities of.
  1. 'The second half of the book posits that the new sexual morality - a survival technique, really - has disconnected generation from generation and denatured our politics.'
  2. 'Ellis's colors are equally denatured, deadpan and flattened; although at times a kind of cinematic backlighting illuminates them and gives them dimension.'
  3. 'Papers tended to be reduced to the lowest common denominator, inoffensive to any service, even before they reached the chiefs themselves, where the necessity for unanimous agreement caused them to be denatured even further.'
  4. 'Halberstam chronicles some of the hazing and banter, but for the most part this vividly masculine world is denatured.'
  5. 'A bravura narrative moment reveals itself when he discloses the history of one single apartment, showing how it becomes degraded and denatured as it ceases to be a family home and becomes a drug-dealer's den.'
  6. 'This abuse of language mirrors the abuse which we make our existence: we have denatured it in removing from it any trace of the sacred, in our blind observance of the dictums of project and work.'
  7. 'Curiously, the same logic also appears to be true of the tourist strip, which, in its own tacky way, is a classic example of how run-amok corporate money can leave a place wholly denatured.'
  8. 'Use denatured alcohol to remove dried latex paint spills or drips.'
  9. 'A car on one of the trains is also leaking denatured alcohol, which of course, is extremely dangerous.'
  10. 'Heat stress can denature proteins, and the cell mobilizes chaperonins like a small army of physical therapists to twist everything back into its proper conformation.'
  11. 'Both these changes occur because heat denatures the myoglobin.'
  12. 'Raising the temperature will most likely denature the protein.'

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1. to deprive (something) of its natural character, properties, etc.

2. to render (any of various alcohols) unfit for drinking by adding an unwholesome substance that does not alter usefulness for other purposes.

3. Biochemistry. to treat (a protein or the like) by chemical or physical means so as to alter its original state.

4. to make (fissionable material) unsuitable for use in an atomic weapon by mixing it with unfissionable material.

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"dnas can be denatured."

"collagens can be denatured."

"products can be denatured."

"people/places/organizations can be denatured."

"octirons can be denatured."

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(denature)Late 17th century: from French dénaturer, from dé- (expressing reversal) + nature ‘nature’.