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Make (a difficult subject) clearer and easier to understand.
  1. 'In response to my attempts a few weeks ago to demystify the day-to-day movements in share prices, one reader has asked for a similar explanation of the foreign exchange markets.'
  2. 'This kind of attempt to demystify intellectuals and artists by relating them to objective social processes is in itself neither misguided nor new.'
  3. 'They will help users to navigate and access content across all platforms, with a wider remit of helping to demystify technology.'
  4. 'First, I will discuss the origin of my idea and how it works, then I will attempt to demystify the art of kernel module programming with a few short examples.'
  5. 'He demystifies the equipment to help readers understand the fundamental principles of photography.'
  6. 'It's difficult to demystify my hidden practice of picking and choosing.'
  7. 'As a whole, these patterns of early modern thought help demystify subject positions that have frequently been perceived as either enigmatic or idiosyncratic.'
  8. 'The annual event sets out to demystify the subject by making it more accessible and enjoyable.'
  9. 'The tears come because one suddenly realises that, in demystifying the belief systems in this inexorable process of enquiry, one's own vantage point is no less prone to attack.'
  10. 'I am not trying to minimize the importance of design any more than I am attempting to demystify the nature of scientific observation.'

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1. to rid of mystery or obscurity; clarify: to demystify medical procedures.

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"pressures can be demystifying."