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(of a mutual organization such as a building society) change from being owned by its members to a different kind of ownership.
  1. 'The size of any windfall is crucial to borrowers who are deciding which way to vote because they will have to pay higher mortgage bills if the lender demutualises.'
  2. 'Building societies - the traditional providers of home loans - demutualised and were rapidly bought up by the high street banks.'
  3. 'The company will update its members on whether or not it plans to demutualise at an annual general meeting in April.'
  4. 'Beyond these two, there are still a number of smaller mutual building societies, but it is unlikely they will demutualise.'
  5. 'However, in modern times many of these old cooperatives have demutualized and converted into stock companies to pursue higher profits.'
  6. 'Europe's largest mutual is expected to demutualise, triggering a modest windfall for policyholders, in a move that already has the industry's largest global life players keeping an eye on developments.'
  7. 'New legislation is expected later this year that would allow the company demutualise and so end its takeover protection status.'
  8. 'There are disturbing parallels here with the insurance mutuals, building societies and friendly societies that have already demutualised or are actively contemplating demutualisation.'
  9. 'You don't have to demutualize when you have a strong capital base.'
  10. 'Crombie was said to be concerned that Hogan's comments would turn into a political issue at a sensitive time for the company which is seeking members' approval to demutualise and float on the stock exchange next year.'

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1. to convert (a mutual life-insurance company) to a stockholder-owned corporation.

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"societies can be demutualising."

"issues can be demutualising."

"works can be demutualising."