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Portray as wicked and threatening.
  1. 'Likewise, the movie seeks neither to glorify nor to demonize slavery.'
  2. 'He is a long time anti-nuclear activist who will seek any opportunity to demonize anything connected with radiation.'
  3. 'To demonise the ‘other side’ in a conflict only leaves the path open for the same problems to happen again, and again, and again.'
  4. 'It's very easy, of course, to demonize the other side.'
  5. 'But dialogue is not about one side demonizing the other.'
  6. 'I'm not saying the characters aren't trite, I'm just saying the film goes out of its way to portray the whalers as uninformed rather than demonizing them.'
  7. 'All of these threaten the vital demonising propaganda that makes violence possible.'
  8. 'The media, police and state government are seeking to intimidate and demonise them, depict them as violent troublemakers and force them out of the city.'
  9. 'They then demonise the other side so that there is no compromise solution or anything good about them at all.'
  10. 'As such, one side may try to demonize the other by using cognitive stereotypes and simplifications while making their own side appear just.'

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1. to turn into a demon or make demonlike.

2. to subject to the influence of demons.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be demonised."