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Deprive (a coin or precious metal) of its status as money.
  1. 'But by 4 February 1797, when the mandates were officially demonetized, the revolutionary experiment with paper money was at an end.'
  2. 'By 1908, however, silver had effectively been demonetized in Europe, and, although a number of countries could not offer full convertibility, in practice exchange rates were fixed in gold terms.'
  3. 'They have, at least temporarily, demonetized Federal Reserve Notes,, by substituting chips.'
  4. 'It is not up to the governments to monetize or demonetize a commodity.'

More definitions

1. to divest (a monetary standard or the like) of value.

2. to withdraw (money or the like) from use.

3. to deprive (an issue of postage stamps) of validity by legal methods and without marking the stamps themselves.

More examples(as adjective)

"golds can be demonetised."


(demonetize)Mid 19th century: from French démonétiser, from dé- (expressing reversal) + Latin moneta ‘money’.