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Pull or knock down (a building)
  1. '‘It's obviously now a huge eyesore and I would hope the building is demolished to make it safe for residents living nearby,’ he said.'
  2. 'He added that replacing the store would require demolishing the current building, but the company would endeavour to keep trading throughout.'
  3. 'Around AD 150 the villa was demolished for a larger building.'
  4. 'The town councillor said although civic leaders would have rather seen the former cinema turned into a leisure facility, she was not against demolishing the building.'
  5. 'The original building was demolished, and a four-storey shop and a number of apartments were built in its place.'
  6. 'People living in Semington have given their support to a campaign to keep the village post office open, despite a planning application to demolish the building that houses it.'
  7. 'The plans include converting a barn into two homes, transforming another barn into two garages and demolishing other agricultural buildings.'
  8. 'He added that once the school buildings are demolished, there will not be any changing facilities available with the fields.'
  9. 'We shifted out of that house a few years ago and then the building was demolished to make way for a new residential building.'
  10. 'The big question everyone in town is asking, when are they going to start work on demolishing the derelict buildings?'
  11. 'I looked forward keenly to demolishing my opponent'
  12. 'This is evident in the Enlightenment's attack on tradition as outmoded superstition - an argument Hayek brilliantly demolishes.'
  13. 'The straw man fallacy - invent a deliberately weakened version of your opponent's position, demolish it, then claim to have refuted their argument.'
  14. 'The article is worth reading just for the confident and articulate way in which she demolishes every argument brought against her position, but what I found more interesting was the bias of the journalist who wrote the piece.'
  15. 'The statistics are shocking - and they demolish any arguments put forward by the cynical pro-smoking lobby.'
  16. 'The Civil War demolished the concept of state sovereignty and undermined the ‘compact’ theory of the Constitution.'
  17. 'By the end of the night I had demolished their arguments.'
  18. 'The serene self-belief she had when demolishing every opponent in her path during the first three months of this year is gone, replaced by sloping shoulders, a down-turned mouth and an air of irritated resignation.'
  19. 'As each of his arguments is demolished he moves on to another.'
  20. '(He used the figure to demolish one of the arguments against expansion).'
  21. 'For this tradition, it is Plato's positive claims that are interesting, not just his insistence on argument to demolish the claims of others and to enable one's own understanding of others' positions.'
  22. 'Even their convincing five-try win over Japan was blemished by the sight of their smaller opponents demolishing their scrum, pushing them downfield with rolling mauls and causing turnover after turnover.'
  23. 'On Friday, the youth team was demolished 8-0 by the Czech Republic in Teplitze.'
  24. 'His left foot can demolish teams but there is much more to his game than kicking.'
  25. 'They had a look around at the familiar surroundings and then they absolutely demolished a disappointing home team.'
  26. 'The combination, with the support of a goalkeeper like Dong Sik Yo, can demolish any defence in contemporary hockey.'
  27. 'But defying team orders, Cunego demolished his team-mate on the road with a series of sensational stage rides and cruised to victory.'
  28. 'Match 2 saw them demolish their opponents on the 14th hole winning 6-4.'
  29. 'Further to that, was Kilkenny's ‘senior’ team not demolished by Kildare in the junior championship?'
  30. 'The battle for the runners-up spot saw Shepherds demolish Bishopthorpe, with Mick Willsden including a 101 finish for a superb 15-darter.'
  31. 'I came to Glasgow with high expectations because I've been demolishing players in practice.'
  32. 'Brown was busy demolishing a sausage roll'
  33. 'The vegetarian meal was quickly demolished in the ensuing silence.'
  34. 'But this rather added to the general joviality, and the cake, which did taste extremely good, was quickly demolished.'
  35. 'Back at the ranch Bobby Joe was cooking up a feast of chilly dogs and all the trimmings and on return the golfers proceeded to demolish the food.'
  36. 'Not the mountainous dish I had anticipated, but they demolished the curry with enthusiasm, and felt pleasantly full afterwards.'
  37. 'He quickly demolished most of the pie, then chucked the remains and the paper bag it had been in on the pavement, without breaking his stride.'
  38. 'In no time we all filled our plates and demolished the food which was not bad for home cooking.'

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1. to destroy or ruin (a building or other structure), especially on purpose; tear down; raze.

2. to put an end to; destroy; explode: The results of his research demolished many theories.

3. to lay waste to; ruin utterly: The fire demolished the area.

4. Informal. to devour completely: We simply demolished that turkey.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be demolish in airs."

"people can be demolish."


Mid 16th century: from French démoliss-, lengthened stem of démolir, from Latin demoliri, from de- (expressing reversal) + moliri ‘construct’ (from moles ‘mass’).