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Introduce a democratic system or democratic principles to.
  1. 'Before these countries can be truly democratized they need to develop systems that make sense within their particular cultural and historical contexts.'
  2. 'It argues that this fund should be democratised so the union's members decide how the money is spent.'
  3. 'The data set used in this analysis is advantageous in this regard because it consists of polities that all possessed a single regime type and have only been democratizing for a short time, providing less of a risk for reverse causality.'
  4. 'This is not to say that the regime democratized itself, but that it was an often unwitting contributor to processes that slipped out of its control.'
  5. 'I have also consistently supported democratising the union's political fund.'
  6. 'They were deeply linked to democratizing and egalitarian trends, such as labor politics and feminism.'
  7. 'The union's leaders had angered many delegates by ruling out of order motions calling for the political fund to be democratised - allowing union members to decide how the fund should be spent.'
  8. 'That has fed the debate over democratising the unions' political funds.'
  9. 'mass production has not democratized fashion'
  10. 'The Land-Grant College Act helped democratize higher education.'
  11. 'Finally, they copied bohemia by democratizing literary culture in ways the hierarchical institutions like the university cannot so easily manage.'
  12. 'Indeed, I would argue that it has already happened to some degree, as student loans have democratized the college degree and worn off some of its cachet.'
  13. 'She said: ‘Free admission has democratised the nation's treasures, making them accessible to all.’'
  14. '‘The birth of photography democratised portraiture, and we reflect that,’ he explains.'
  15. 'Obviously democratising the family is an evolving process as the children grow in age, experience and, hopefully, wisdom.'
  16. 'Company drama could be credited with democratising classical music, which had been a privilege of the upper classes.'
  17. 'Part of that vision, shared by other blogging pioneers, has been to help democratize the creation and flow of news in a world where giant companies control so much of what most people see, hear and read.'
  18. 'In this way, then, I am making the most of what modern life does so well: democratizing knowledge.'
  19. 'It was Conran, the legendary English visionary who democratized design by making it more accessible and affordable, who hooked me on to the power and appeal of great design.'

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1. to make or become democratic.

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"notions can be democratized in ideologies."

"notions can be democratized."

"administrations can be democratized."


(democratize)Late 18th century: from French démocratiser.