Adjective "democratization" definition and examples

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The introduction of a democratic system or democratic principles.
  1. 'the Reform Bill was the first step towards democratization of Parliament'
  2. 'He said he will not clash with the new president as long as she pursues democratization.'
  3. 'The road to the further democratisation of our country is once more open.'
  4. 'Most obviously, the collapse of communism unleashed a wave of ethnic nationalisms in Eastern Europe which dramatically affected the democratization process.'
  5. 'In addition, the nation's political democratization was also greatly enhanced by overseas support.'
  6. 'Thus, the paper became the hope and catalyst for the country's democratization movement.'
  7. 'The Internet has several features that promote democratization and alternative spaces of citizen expression and activism.'
  8. 'Kirk has contributed greatly to the democratisation of electronic music and helped it becoming a genre to reckon with.'
  9. 'The proposed democratization in a field that had previously recognized providers as the sole authority was very contentious.'
  10. 'The institutions would be forced to undergo fundamental democratisation that would remove control over them by the G7 countries.'
  11. 'If history is any guide, the democratization promised by Web 2.0 will eventually be succeeded by new monopolies which will have enormous power over our lives.'

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1. to make or become democratic.

More examples(as adjective)

"aids can be democratization."