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Remove all military forces from (an area)
  1. '‘We seek a region in which demilitarized zones and missile batteries no longer separate people with a common heritage, and a common future,’ he added.'
  2. 'But analysts and residents have complained this does not include disarming the tribal fighters and demilitarising the town.'
  3. 'I think we should think of demilitarizing, demilitarizing the whole of the province.'
  4. 'The prisons systems would be emptied and the borders demilitarized and opened.'
  5. 'Every society that at least partially demilitarized at some point, he argues, had strong monastic institutions, including Tibet, India and Japan.'
  6. 'French troops also occupied the Rhineland, to ensure that Germany remained demilitarized, as the treaty insisted.'
  7. 'In exchange, it wants the rebels to lay down their arms and demilitarize.'
  8. 'In military terms the 16,000-square-mile demilitarised zone is a vital strategic area where the rebels have been able to recruit, train and resupply.'
  9. 'That only islands or demilitarized posts remained in French hands was to the good, for it meant less risk of incidents with Britain, at least until France had put its affairs in order and rebuilt its navy.'

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1. to deprive of military character; free from militarism.

2. to place under civil instead of military control.

3. to forbid military use of (a border zone).

More examples(as adjective)

"areas can be demilitarised on sides."

"areas can be demilitarised by units."

"zones can be demilitarised."

"cities can be demilitarised."

"strips can be demilitarised."

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