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The separation of a large company into two or more smaller organizations, particularly as the dissolution of an earlier merger.
  1. as modifier 'forty per cent of shareholders approve of the demerger plan'
  2. 'The £90m bank facility arranged as part of the demerger package should be enough to see the company through to positive cash flow providing it keeps its capital spend well under control.'
  3. 'The demerger is intended to unlock shareholder value and allow increased focus on the development of its two diverging areas of core expertise.'
  4. 'Analysts are divided on earnings prospects and on the benefits of the demerger.'
  5. 'Across the whole group profits more than halved to £128m, but this included a £280m charge for the demerger of its electricals business.'
  6. 'The companies publishing the ratings rely on fees from corporate transactions like acquisitions and demergers for a significant part of their income.'
  7. 'The chairman will address the shareholders on the proposed demerger.'
  8. 'One obvious solution may be to quickly sell any shares following a demerger to help maintain order in your portfolio.'
  9. 'Thus, if your potential client has many divisions, demergers are the ruling conventional wisdom.'

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1. a statutory combination of two or more corporations by the transfer of the properties to one surviving corporation.

2. any combination of two or more business enterprises into a single enterprise.

3. an act or instance of merging.

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"plans can be demerger."

"processes can be demerger."

"proposals can be demerger."

"speculations can be demerger."

"hopes can be demerger."

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