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Causing someone to lose their dignity and the respect of others.
  1. 'The small private sector, already reeling under horrible and demeaning regulatory control, sustained socialism for a while.'
  2. 'The homeless are treated as criminals who must be forced into the city's dangerous and demeaning shelter system.'
  3. 'However, such degrading and demeaning views of Lee's performance certainly do not do him justice.'
  4. 'They consider these a distorted and demeaning portrayal of their own tribal ancestors.'
  5. 'The outraged minister found the offer a demeaning Catch - 22.'
  6. 'The word was used twice in a demeaning manner.'
  7. 'Welfare reformers have imagined that in forcing people to work, a demeaning chapter would close in their lives.'
  8. 'She spoke of people doing repetitive and demeaning work.'
  9. 'They are going to introduce fair benefits for asylum seekers to replace what they call the demeaning voucher system.'
  10. 'Nearly all of the detainees were released and deported, although only after months of cruel and demeaning treatment.'


1. that demeans; debasing; degrading: Being forced to apologize when I had done nothing wrong was a demeaning task.

More examples(as adjective)

"shows can be demeaning to people."

"scenes can be demeaning to parliaments."

"slogans can be demeaning."

"arguments can be demeaning."

"works can be demeaning."

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