Adjective "delighted" definition and examples



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Feeling or showing great pleasure.
  1. with infinitive 'we were delighted to see her'
  2. 'The baby was born in a matter of minutes and I gave her straight to her delighted mum.'
  3. 'We are both delighted to be playing our football in England and it has happened because of hard work.'
  4. 'He looked at her in a kind of delighted amusement, while she reddened even more.'
  5. 'She added a wry smile as three slightly confused expressions dissolved quickly into delighted laughter.'
  6. 'Yes, I'm absolutely delighted, for all the wrong reasons.'
  7. 'The result is a delighted audience, hanging on to find out how the quest ends.'
  8. 'The delighted new father cuddling his tiny baby cannot help but catch your attention.'
  9. 'The wheels gently bumped the ground, bringing a delighted smile to her lips.'
  10. 'The woman was looking at her with a sarcastic yet delighted grin.'
  11. 'He is patently delighted that his story is to be made into a film, any kind of film.'



1. highly pleased.

2. Obsolete. delightful.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be delighted get people."

"people can be delighted become things."

"yourselfs can be delighted by centres."

"places can be delighted at things."

"places can be delighted at deals."

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