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(of food or drink) delicious.
  1. 'With a little effort, you can whisk the most delectable puddings from custards, fruits, cream, sugar and nuts.'
  2. 'This is a stylish cosy bar with delectable drinks and soul-filled sounds.'
  3. 'Licking the last of the delectable onion sauce off his fork, he carefully pushed his cutlery together and sat back in his chair, satiated.'
  4. 'Many of our growing years have been spent tasting the delectable food prepared by parents and grandparents.'
  5. 'Are you willing to admit how many times you have bought those handmade, delectable fruits dipped in chocolate right before your very eyes?'
  6. 'Don't let a sugar-laden cookie, bar, pudding, cheesecake or delectable cream puff pass your lips for seven days.'
  7. 'It takes a pretty good cook to turn meat, fish, vegetables and other ingredients into a delectable dish.'
  8. 'Juicy mangoes are one of our most delectable delights.'
  9. 'She could sense every delicious taste in the delectable dessert.'
  10. 'Whether it's plucking delectable mushrooms from the ground or pulling fruit straight off the trees, gathering wild food is incredibly satisfying.'
  11. 'the delectable Ms Davis'
  12. 'Nanny is attractive, bright, 25 with a delectable smile and good manners.'
  13. 'Endearing, charming, sweet, delightful, cute, and delectable constitute most of the list.'



1. delightful; highly pleasing; enjoyable: a delectable witticism.

2. delicious: a delectable dinner. noun

3. an especially appealing or appetizing food or dish: a buffet table spread with delectables.

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"morsels can be delectable as nuggets."

"boxes can be delectable in fragrances."

"foods can be delectable."

"smells can be delectable."

"sights can be delectable."

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(delectable)Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin delectabilis, from delectare ‘to charm’ (see delight).