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Sad and depressed; dispirited.
  1. 'The families and relations of the victims, not surprisingly, became dejected and developed resentment for the government.'
  2. 'It descends and when the doors open he is astonished to be greeted by a scene of desolation, with dejected people dressed in rags and a smell of sulphur in the air.'
  3. 'They were forlorn, dejected, and pleading, yet so serenely resolved he was compelled to do as she asked.'
  4. 'Its hero, Milo, is perpetually dejected, burdened with motiveless discontent.'
  5. 'But, yet again, I failed miserably and came away feeling dejected, disheartened, deflated and demoralised.'
  6. 'Personally, I'm feeling as dejected, disappointed and scared as I am angry.'
  7. 'Vanessa watched on in dejected melancholy, wishing somewhere in the back of her mind that Jordan would argue like that with her.'
  8. 'As low, dejected and depressed as she'd ever felt, she began to get the morning's activities prepared.'
  9. '‘The film is about a teenage daughter who tries to create a nonexistent boyfriend for her dejected mother,’ Robinson said.'
  10. 'But myself and the players are more dejected than anyone.'



1. depressed in spirits; disheartened; low-spirited: The dejected expression on the face of the loser spoiled my victory.

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"people can be dejected."

"traders can be dejected."

"players can be dejected."

"figures can be dejected."

"expressions can be dejected."

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