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Neatly skilful and quick in one's movements.
  1. 'In one quite amazingly deft movement he too contrives to wiggle into the minute room.'
  2. 'His deft movement to the right to push clear the fiercely driven shot was goal keeping of the highest standard.'
  3. 'Then, with a quick and deft movement, Viktor slapped Erik hard across the face.'
  4. 'With one deft blow, William broke every bone in the man's body.'
  5. 'Their deft passes led to the three goals in the match.'
  6. 'The man caught it with a deft flick of his hand and pocketed it silently.'
  7. 'We were even regaled by a lovely Thai dancer whose deft hand movements and graceful demeanour enthralled the group.'
  8. 'He stepped swiftly across the floor of the study, unlatching the window and throwing it open in one deft movement.'
  9. 'Finally, he employs his deft touch with light, sweet pop to capture the essence of this album.'
  10. 'the script was both deft and literate'
  11. 'Also contributing to the album's strength as a complete piece is the deft sequencing.'
  12. 'She is deft and astute and she beautifully describes the inner life of her characters; she is not in any rush.'
  13. 'He really is a criminally under-appreciated author, with an amazingly deft command of English.'
  14. 'Her deft hands fashioned countless beautiful things, from colourful quilts to crocheted tablecloths.'
  15. 'Flickering light on moving leaves was rendered with deft touches of white, while a palette knife created rich textural effects.'
  16. 'She also demonstrated a deft skill in reporting on daily activity.'
  17. 'These were posed on the air last week in a deft piece of cross-promotion.'
  18. 'I was impressed by how deft the copy was, how effortlessly it compressed so many ideas.'
  19. 'But then, the sensitivity of the subject is such that it requires deft handling.'
  20. 'His skills as a piano tuner, an accomplished violinist and a deft assembler of harmoniums stood him in good stead.'


adjective, defter, deftest.

1. dexterous; nimble; skillful; clever: deft hands; a deft mechanic.

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"people can be deft in movements."

"people can be deft in commendablies."

"people can be deft for people."

"touchs can be deft."

"people can be deft."

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Middle English: variant of daft, in the obsolete sense ‘meek’.