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Remove leaves from (a tree, plant, or area of land), for agricultural purposes or as a military tactic.
  1. 'a defoliated poplar'
  2. 'At 5 months, plants were partially defoliated or left intact.'
  3. 'One thousand caterpillars eating leaves might completely defoliate a tree in two weeks, whereas that same number of aphids would hardly be noted.'
  4. 'The adults and young feed on saltcedar leaves, repeatedly defoliating the tree and depriving it of nutrients.'
  5. 'In severe cases, blackspot can severely defoliate a plant.'
  6. 'Cereal leaf beetle larvae may defoliate small grain foliage in the spring.'
  7. 'Gypsy moth larvae have been defoliating huge areas of forest in New England since they were accidentally introduced in 1869.'
  8. 'Frosts at any time in the growing season can partially or totally defoliate vines, but they typically remove the outermost leaf layers of a thick canopy.'
  9. 'The chemical was sprayed in large quantities from aircraft in a bid to defoliate the landscape and deny cover to enemy forces.'
  10. 'Harris noted that defoliated plants could compensate for lost leaf area and increase in mass relative to non-defoliated plants.'
  11. 'Little leaf lindens will certainly be defoliated if Japanese beetles are in the area.'

More definitions

1. to strip (a tree, bush, etc.) of leaves.

2. to destroy or cause widespread loss of leaves in (an area of jungle, forest, etc.), as by using chemical sprays or incendiary bombs, in order to deprive enemy troops or guerrilla forces of concealment. verb (used without object), defoliated, defoliating.

3. to lose leaves. adjective

4. (of a tree) having lost its leaves, especially by a natural process.

More examples(as adjective)

"areas can be defoliate."


Late 18th century: from late Latin defoliat- ‘stripped of leaves’, from the verb defoliare, from de- (expressing removal) + folium ‘leaf’.