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Showing deference; respectful.
  1. 'Some bosses like their employees to be blunt and assertive; others like them respectful and deferential.'
  2. 'They are amazingly deferential to men and try to placate them.'
  3. 'But now the courts seem inclined to be more deferential to the prosecution's side of this problem.'
  4. 'By contrast, those in favour of reform were accorded a respect that bordered on the deferential.'
  5. 'Everything else is carried out with pomp and ceremony by the deferential, impeccably mannered, staff.'
  6. 'It's particularly difficult if you're doing those role-changes with people you have been used to being highly deferential towards.'
  7. 'He asked me where my Pass was, and I turned very polite, deferential and apologetic, saying that I had left it at home.'
  8. 'The social changes of the last 50 years have created an electorate less loyal to individual parties and no longer deferential towards politicians.'
  9. 'I asked, my tone polite and deferential - the latter being something which did not come naturally to me.'
  10. 'There are also slavishly deferential entries on various historians and political scientists.'



1. showing deference; deferent; respectful.

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"people can be deferential to concerns."

"occasions can be deferential in acts."

"fans can be deferential to people."

"people can be deferential."

"tones can be deferential."

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Early 19th century: from deference, on the pattern of pairs such as prudence, prudential.