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Extending far down from the top or surface.
  1. 'the lake was deep and cold'
  2. 'Over millions of years, a small river had carved a deep gorge into the rock.'
  3. 'Although it is fresh, enclosed water with average visibility of around 10m, it can be cold and deep.'
  4. 'A series of relatively flat, broad steps climb to that valley of deep, cold snow.'
  5. 'No one ever goes to the abyss because it's too wide and deep and creepy and cold.'
  6. 'Everywhere there are clear jade rivers with deep natural pools, surrounded by sun-warmed granite boulders.'
  7. 'Only in the shadows of deep cold craters could you expect to find any, frozen and hidden.'
  8. 'There were none skilled in managing dog-sleighs and the horses very soon died in the cold, deep snow.'
  9. 'Rocky gullets of white water open out into deep gorges where salmon lie waiting for water to continue their upstream journey.'
  10. 'The water is choppy, cold and deep - the chances are you can't even see the bottom.'
  11. 'Since it was built over a deep gorge, it was well protected against destructive forces.'
  12. 'deep in the woods'
  13. 'Last September we went to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, just in the general admission section which was deep in the woods.'
  14. 'White grubs feed on roots deeper in the soil.'
  15. 'As they went even deeper into the forest the creatures got more menacing looking.'
  16. 'The focus this time around is on the extreme environments of the deep ocean floor and the weird and wonderful denizens that flourish there.'
  17. 'Why is it impossible to pump water from very deep in the ground with a surface pump?'
  18. 'They inhabit all tropical and warm temperate seas, from the surface to moderately deep levels.'
  19. 'The lounge was a comfortable and well-appointed room deep in the bowels of the ship.'
  20. 'Eleanor made sure she was deep enough in the pool before she turned around.'
  21. 'The bar and grill may be deep in the basement, but the friendly waiting staff and chilled music maintain an upbeat mood and create a warm atmosphere.'
  22. 'The cylinders will measure how much oxygen is consumed by organisms in the deep ocean.'
  23. 'There was a cave formed by the water, which was about 15 metres deep, and probably the same high.'
  24. 'As the level of the reservoir falls, it reveals mud several feet deep, silt deposited from upstream.'
  25. 'After half a mile of climbing, the path levelled and the landscape opened out, there were drifts a couple of feet deep at gaps and gateways.'
  26. 'That part of the Black Sea used to dump the waste is 2000 metres deep.'
  27. 'Adding more debt to a debt ridden business is like adding a sledge to the back of a man trudging through six foot deep snow.'
  28. 'Wearing surgical masks and gloves, men climbed down to the bottom of the square hole, about four metres deep.'
  29. 'Once Mohammed said that beyond the coral, the sea is 60 foot deep, I felt too scared to go out any further.'
  30. 'No trace of the car or the victim were ever found, only a 55 meter deep crater, and 500m of missing road.'
  31. 'The depth of a canal can vary from 10 to 15 metres, whereas creeks tend to be in the order of three metres deep.'
  32. 'The engineers first dug a trench three feet wide and seventy feet deep or all the way down to the bedrock around the entire sixteen acres.'
  33. 'they stood waist-deep in the water'
  34. 'Sadly, without ranks of police four deep, the football fans will rip out each other's throats.'
  35. 'Mostly I have seen them packed into crates five deep and obviously dying.'
  36. 'It was three-deep at the bar, with icy platters of oysters and glasses of sparkling wine littering the marble top.'
  37. 'she took a deep breath'
  38. 'Nick let out a deep sigh and watched his breath turn to mist against the cold night air.'
  39. 'A series of deep breaths can be done anywhere and at anytime.'
  40. 'The stadium lights glare down coldly as you inhale a deep breath of cold, crisp air.'
  41. 'So the next time you have a major presentation/meeting, calm down take deep breaths for at least one minute.'
  42. 'After you've taken a few deep breaths and enjoyed the rush of achieving your goal, where do you go next?'
  43. 'Once she was settled in with an arm slung over his chest, she sighed a deep breath of relief.'
  44. 'She took a deep breath and swallowed the sobs that were rising in her throat.'
  45. 'Relax, take a deep breath and remember, it's not the end of the world.'
  46. 'She finally reached the surface, and took a deep breath of the cold, crisp, mountain air.'
  47. 'There was then a short silence followed by a long, deep sigh.'
  48. 'His shot lobs high into the air before landing short of Harmison at deep midwicket.'
  49. 'Skipper Dave Fallows hit the only six in the match but was caught at deep midwicket next ball for 24.'
  50. 'He eventually holed out to a diving catch at deep cover by Jamie Glasson and walked off to a standing ovation.'
  51. 'His deep cross nearly becomes a freak goal; it spins back towards the net and rolls right along the top of the crossbar and stays in play.'
  52. 'He does much more than a traditional safety who just plays a deep center field.'
  53. 'It's hard to tell from the bleachers whether pitches are balls or strikes, and you lose sight of balls hit to the deep outfield.'
  54. 'If he has a weakness, it is a questionable ability to make the deep throw well.'
  55. 'John Olerud doubled to deep centerfield while the Twins manager summoned Joe Nathan.'
Very intense or extreme.
  1. 'a deep sleep'
  2. 'When citizens lack confidence in the basic institutions of democracy, the nation is in very deep trouble.'
  3. 'Stock markets have reacted to the deep uncertainties this year by marking time.'
  4. 'Pressure on the US dollar in the form of a deep recession or a balance of payments crisis in the US is unlikely.'
  5. 'I closed my eyes as the sun began to set and drifted off into a deep sleep.'
  6. 'Not only was the business in trouble, but the economy in the UK was in a deep recession.'
  7. 'They are in deep, deep trouble, and the economy will get worse and worse.'
  8. 'The mother-of-two was treated in intensive care after slipping into a deep coma after the accident.'
  9. 'All of the medications presented have the potential to cause unplanned deep sedation.'
  10. 'It was like waking up from a deep sleep, I gradually became more aware of what was going on.'
  11. 'There is no question of deep intoxication from drugs, poisons or other chemical agents.'
  12. 'It was a deep feeling of dissatisfaction, and it was making ordinary people do very crazy things.'
  13. 'Women were drawn to him, not just because of a taste for the powerful, but because he was a genuine romantic capable of deep affection.'
  14. 'She fell into deep confusion when close and intimate contact happened between them.'
  15. 'Personal relationships are full of deep feelings and emotions but you need to wait for the right time to expose them.'
  16. 'For her part, Jan has asked me to extend her deep gratitude to all who have been praying for her and the folks.'
  17. 'Since the worst news was confirmed, the collective feelings have changed to deep sadness - and anger.'
  18. 'This place is home, if anywhere is, and I love it with a deep passion.'
  19. 'She came in smiling then stopped hen she saw the deep puzzlement on her son's face.'
  20. 'Underlying these questions was a deep uneasiness about the size and purpose of American power.'
  21. 'Sandy was surprised that he answered questions about himself revealing a deep insecurity.'
  22. 'a deep analysis'
  23. 'He opens by wringing his hands and asking three really deep questions.'
  24. 'I must also take notice of her deep understanding of Middle Eastern affairs, despite the fact that she has never lived there.'
  25. 'This is such an illuminating play and, at times, profoundly deep.'
  26. 'Those who worked with him at the time have commented on his deep understanding of Canada and Canadian issues.'
  27. 'Any successful international expansion requires caution, patience and a deep understanding of the new market.'
  28. 'It seems a bit odd to try to package a fairly deep question in the context of a genre this fluffy and idiotic.'
  29. 'I think he had a deep understanding of military matters and of leadership.'
  30. 'Behind the spectacles and deep thinking there is a forceful man, who is tough to argue with.'
  31. 'It is a subject of deep discussion and occasional confusion.'
  32. 'It has to be informed by a deep understanding of the period and its cosmology.'
  33. 'But it's very deep and mysterious and superbly written, and superbly translated too.'
  34. 'They understood something very deep that we more secular types never learned.'
  35. 'He tries to make me feel better by dressing it up in deep and intellectual language.'
  36. 'Nothing deep or philosophical, you understand, just: how is this going to get better?'
  37. 'But I shall say nothing about the deep and difficult problems this contention raises.'
  38. 'The struggles of the American writer to explain the deep mysteries of the British character are pure joy.'
  39. 'they were deep in their own thoughts'
  40. 'I walk away while seemingly deep in technical conversation with Tony.'
  41. 'He closed his eyes and furrowed his brow, appearing to be deep in deliberation about something.'
  42. 'So deep in thought was he, he didn't hear the door open and close behind him.'
  43. 'A man and a woman standing leaning up against the bar just behind where we are sitting are deep in conversation.'
  44. 'He looked really deep in thought and sad at the same time.'
  45. 'The other motorists were most cooperative, and the policemen on duty were deep in conversation.'
  46. 'I had been so deep in thought that I hadn't heard her trying to get my attention.'
  47. 'She must have been deep in thought because she didn't even notice Vivian standing in the doorway.'
  48. 'Meanwhile, Derek was deep in discussion with the restaurant manager on the subject of music.'
  49. 'She was taking very little bites of food and looked very deep in thought.'
  50. 'I'm a pretty deep person, and cruising gives me a chance to be alone and think.'
  51. 'I've always wanted to meet you, you seem like such a deep person with a beautiful soul.'
(of sound) low in pitch and full in tone; not shrill.
  1. 'She slipped her arm through one strap and was about to walk away when she heard a deep chuckle from behind her.'
  2. 'Do you think it would be better to use a large bell with deep tones or a small, higher pitched bell?'
  3. 'His deep voice comes from behind me, and as I turn my head, sure enough, my husband has returned to my side.'
  4. 'At his urging I strummed the guitar, closing my eyes as a gorgeous deep sound resonated.'
  5. 'Nothing was heard or seen until and deep growl came from behind Callum.'
  6. 'A voice spoke from behind him, a deep and rich baritone which made him jump slightly.'
  7. 'Her voice then took on a remarkably deep tone as she stood there with a far away look in her eyes.'
  8. 'Lightly she tapped on the wooden door to hear the deep boom of her father's voice tell her to enter.'
  9. 'Then a second explosion was felt, with a deep roar and a juddering as the whole cinema shook.'
  10. 'At that moment the deep boom of the great brass bell reverberated through the monastery.'
(of colour) dark and intense.
  1. 'The dress was a similar material to the other one but this time it was deep purple.'
  2. 'It has a deep magenta color that contrasts well with the more dominant green and gray foliage colors of the garden.'
  3. 'This contrasted against his dark brown skin, jet-black hair and deep brown, yet cold eyes.'
  4. 'As the shingles weather to a deep grey, the house appears from a distance to disappear into the forest.'
  5. 'The bruise on his neck was deep purple and was easily visible even with his collar turned up.'
  6. 'I sit on the ledge and watch the sun play with incandescent shadows of deep green, as red deer graze in the distance.'
  7. 'She had natural black hair and deep blue eyes that shimmered in the lighting.'
  8. 'They were a rather mysterious, deep blue, so much so that they nearly blended in with their pupils.'
  9. 'He had short golden blonde hair and deep blue eyes behind thin framed glasses.'
  10. 'Although the main stem is still thin and whippy, it is an attractive, shiny, deep purple in colour.'


The sea.
  1. 'He continued to take a twisted delight in showing us the scariest creatures of the deep.'
  2. 'There's also a chance of seeing blue manta, the dark, silent deltas of the deep.'
  3. 'The discoveries have emerged from a study of whale song that is redefining what experts know about the giants of the deep.'
  4. 'At night, the phosphorescence looks as if all the constellations in the inky sky have fallen into the deep.'
  5. 'I think people are fascinated by these slimy weird monsters of the deep.'
  6. 'He had been steering at the rudder when a great many large, dark shapes darted up from out of the deep.'
  7. 'Even under the laws of man, there is nothing clear-cut about the ownership of these creatures of the deep.'
  8. figurative 'the deeps of her imagination'
  9. 'Perhaps it was better that he simply fade away into the great black of the deeps.'
  10. 'It is probably as scared as us, blowing out before it vanishes back into the deep.'
  11. 'Or, if there are sea monsters out there, they may be hidden in the deeps.'
  12. 'In the deeps of the Black Sea today, hydrogen sulfide exists at about 200 parts per million.'
  13. 'Everywhere from the shallows of time to the deeps the ocean is one and the same water.'
  14. 'The North Sea being at the northern end of its range, it may be driven during winter to seek refuge in the few deeps which this sea offers.'
  15. 'We reach the sea-bed and swim with things that humans never see; strange deeps and water-angels.'
  16. 'Scanning the area with invisible eyes, the figure finally dismissed its feelings as a mistaken judgement, before swimming on into the murky deeps off the ocean's continental shelf.'
The part of the field distant from the batsman.
  1. 'He made 70 runs off just 68 balls before being caught in the deep.'
  2. 'He was also noted for his magnificent fielding in the deep.'


Far down or in; deeply.
  1. 'He walked deeper into the woods, following the sound of running water.'
  2. 'The peroxide, he says, wouldn't penetrate very deep beneath the surface.'
  3. 'But the love of farming runs deep in the Amish heart.'
  4. 'I ran right into a net fence, flipped over and fell deep into the snow behind it!'
  5. 'Sherry stared deep into his eyes like she was listening and like she cared.'
  6. 'You dance and sing along and make it look natural, but deep down inside you know that you do not belong here.'
  7. 'Alice started laughing and Scarlet stared deep into her eyes.'
  8. 'The bracing fresh air penetrates deep into the lungs and instill a feeling of calmness and well-being.'
  9. 'She often walked deep into the woods behind our house by herself, carrying a handsaw.'
  10. 'I quickly cut my arm, and in my haste I accidentally cut deep, wincing as a few drops of blood fell to the floor.'
  11. 'he swung the ball in deep'
  12. 'He will have to throw deep a few times early to keep the safeties out of the box.'
  13. 'He still goes deep in a lot of counts, throws too many pitches, nibbles around.'


adjective, deeper, deepest.

1. extending far down from the top or surface: a deep well; a deep valley.

2. extending far in or back from the front or from an edge, surface, opening, etc., considered as the front: a deep shelf.

3. extending far in width; broad: deep lace; a deep border.

4. ranging far from the earth and sun: a deep space probe.

5. having a specified dimension in depth: a tank 8 feet deep.

6. covered or immersed to a specified depth (often used in combination):

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"people can be deep in negotiations."

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