Adjective "decolonised" definition and examples

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(of a state) withdraw from (a colony), leaving it independent.
  1. 'It wasn't only Africa that was decolonized; the end of empire was also a process of decolonialization.'
  2. 'Spain seemed in no hurry to decolonize those lands.'
  3. 'It has been felt all the more now that most of the African countries have been decolonised and ever since South Africa held its first democratic election in 1994.'
  4. 'Britain could be seen as conquering the Transkei, and Afrikaners as decolonizing it.'
  5. 'At home, the indigenous population came out from under the regimes of the protectors and directors of native welfare, and with the arrival of a Labor government, plans were set for Papua New Guinea to be decolonised.'
  6. 'This fourth option involves nothing short of decolonizing the Nation of Anishinabe.'

More definitions

1. to release from the status of a colony.

2. to allow (a colony) to become self-governing or independent. verb (used without object), decolonized, decolonizing.

3. to free a colony to become self-governing or independent.

More examples(as adjective)

"lefts can be decolonised."