Adjective "decoder" definition and examples

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A device capable of converting audio or video signals into a different form, for example from digital to analogue.
  1. 'This internal structure allows the decoder to avoid switching between the logical processors every clock cycle.'
  2. 'The optical output can be used to connect to DVD decoders, amplifiers, or other devices.'
  3. 'Whoever wins the big wrestling match will get the decoder accessories.'

More definitions

1. a person who decodes messages or the like.

2. a device for decoding cryptograms, codes, or the like, as an electric or electronic apparatus that transforms arbitrary input signals into letters, words, etc.

3. Navigation. an electronic circuit designed to respond only to certain signals and to reject others.

4. Computers. a circuit designed to produce a single output when actuated by a certain combination of inputs.

5. Television. a box attached to a television set containing circuit

More examples(as adjective)

"makers can be decoder."