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Settling an issue; producing a definite result.
  1. 'a decisive battle'
  2. 'We are at a decisive moment in British politics where Europe is concerned.'
  3. 'The findings were so decisive and conclusive as to leave absolutely no room for argument.'
  4. 'In the event, these were to make a decisive contribution to the final outcome of the Cold War.'
  5. 'Tracing back their lives, the survey found that in almost every case the decisive factor had been marriage.'
  6. 'The vote was a decisive and important one as it was his first time as leader facing the public.'
  7. 'The artillery was expected to play a decisive role in the opening stages of a battle.'
  8. 'Unfortunately, a heavy price had been paid for the decisive victory that morning.'
  9. 'David Jack was again the goal hero in the final, making the decisive strike 15 minutes from the end.'
  10. 'Holland is expected to deliver a similarly decisive result when a referendum is held there tomorrow.'
  11. 'Today's game will be so tight that a single mishap could prove decisive.'
Having or showing the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively.
  1. 'he handled the situation in a calm, decisive way'
  2. 'But the motives of many are a more base fear of the side effects of doing anything decisive.'
  3. 'You may be frustrated with him or her for not being very decisive.'
  4. 'Like Clifford, he is decisive and very skilled at pushing agendas through.'



1. having the power or quality of deciding; putting an end to controversy; crucial or most important: Your argument was the decisive one.

2. characterized by or displaying no or little hesitation; resolute; determined: The general was known for his decisive manner.

3. indisputable; definite: a decisive defeat.

4. unsurpassable; commanding: a decisive lead in the voting.

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"weeks can be decisive for developments."

"structures can be decisive in books."

"strikes can be decisive in ties."

"reforms can be decisive for durabilities."

"rates can be decisive for profits."

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Early 17th century: from French décisif, -ive, from medieval Latin decisivus, from decis- ‘determined’, from the verb decidere (see decide).