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A game, goal, point, etc. that settles a contest or series of contests.
  1. 'Wingman Paul Gardner crossed for the vital decider and two further goals from deadly marksman Innes made absolutely sure of a happy return journey.'
  2. 'Australia have chosen the same line-up for the third consecutive Test against New Zealand in the series decider at Auckland tomorrow.'
  3. 'He replaces Michael Kasprowicz in the team for the series decider, which starts at The Oval in London today.'
  4. 'As it is, Britain won with a British ref, then Australia won with an Aussie ref, and so each side naturally wanted a personal referee for the decider.'
  5. 'Despite taking the first game, Luo found it hard to cope with Santoso's fast paced game in the decider.'
  6. 'Pudsey, who were leading 1-0 at the time, meet Holme Wood on Sunday in what will be a championship decider.'
  7. 'The week leading up to the series decider was comfortably the worst week of my life.'
  8. 'In the series decider, he took seven wickets to play a stellar role in the victory.'
  9. 'But he claimed the next two sets before Safin broke in the fourth game of the decider and clung on for victory.'
  10. 'The Chilean had first served for the match in the 10th game of the decider.'

More definitions

1. to solve or conclude (a question, controversy, or struggle) by giving victory to one side: The judge decided the case in favor of the plaintiff.

2. to determine or settle (something in dispute or doubt): to decide an argument.

3. to bring (a person) to a decision; persuade or convince: The new evidence decided him. verb (used without object), decided, deciding.

4. to settle something in dispute or doubt: The judge decided in favor of the

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"weeks can be decider."