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Distribute (cards) in an orderly rotation to players for a game or round.
  1. with two objects figurative 'fate dealt her a different hand'
  2. 'Five cards are dealt to each player, clockwise, one at a time.'
  3. 'A second round of four cards per player is dealt face down, stacked on the first rows.'
  4. 'The cards are dealt in rotation to the right, beginning with the eldest hand.'
  5. 'Seven cards were dealt to each player, leaving 3 cards in the kitty.'
  6. 'Four cards are dealt to each player, and four are turned face up on the table.'
  7. 'Six cards are dealt to each player, in threes, and the remaining cards are not used.'
  8. 'Nope - fate dealt me a different set of cards this time.'
  9. 'But perhaps that was the one wild card life dealt me.'
  10. 'Or should I just accept the fact that fate has dealt me a card from the bottom of the deck and move on?'
  11. 'In the event of a tie, the tied players roll the discard dice and are dealt the number of cards indicated by the dice.'
  12. 'We would have dealt them in a different time, I think.'
  13. 'Adam gave Rocky an annoyed look, but gathered the cards to deal him in.'
  14. 'Let's deal him in and give him a piece of the cake.'
  15. 'The same treatment is dealt out to a young mother, who has given birth out of wedlock, and to a pretty young temptress, merely because it is felt that her blossoming good looks may undermine her future.'
  16. 'You can't help but feel that it's missing a vital trump card - whether it be in the script itself, or the way it is dealt out.'
  17. 'An alcoholic has been banned from every pub in Basildon after being dealt an anti-social behaviour order.'
Take part in commercial trading of a particular commodity.
  1. 'In IT, a disaster recovery plan is critical for a business dealing in information.'
  2. 'He was employed as a sewing machine operator at a factory owned by Goodwill Industries of South Florida, a non-profit organisation dealing in used clothing and furniture.'
  3. 'All businesses dealing in single or linked cash transactions in excess of €15,000 will have to report any suspicious transactions to the authorities.'
  4. 'The ferries and superferries which sail to and from the ports have been particular targets for people dealing in human traffic.'
  5. 'Making pictures and dealing in them is an intimate business.'
  6. 'He worked in the family wholesale business, dealing in hardware and fancy goods, and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.'
  7. 'So election time means good business for shops dealing in shawls.'
  8. 'The bank hopes that it will attract potential customers like wholesalers and retailers dealing in commodity trading, white goods and automobiles.'
  9. 'Meet Archana, now a businesswoman dealing in jewellery.'
  10. 'For people who deal in commercial property this is an unfortunate fact of life.'
  11. 'journalism that deals in small-town chit-chat'
  12. 'McCall Smith deals in the comedy of character, rather than in farce.'
  13. 'It chiefly concerns one Alex-Li Tandem, who deals in fame, obtaining, verifying and selling autographs.'
  14. 'He would not learn here that the law deals in objective truth, that it is concerned with fact.'
  15. 'This author deals in short-breathed paragraphs that are convincing enough in their own right but never combine into something bigger and better.'
  16. 'The NDP's Lisa Hutton is looking to participate in a government which deals in respect for individuals and in positive changes.'
  17. 'Although it deals in timeless emotions, there is a timely relevance in any film that asks how you escape a world of violence when death does not settle disputes but merely stimulates a hunger for further killing.'
  18. 'As everyone who deals in any area of fiction is aware, there's such a thing as two people independently coming up with the same idea.'
  19. 'Even the bookies are sceptical about the chances of this happening, but a voice worth listening to is that of McLaren's veteran designer Adrian Newey, a man who deals in hard facts.'
  20. 'HE MAY not be a person who deals in ifs and buts, but, referencing Rudyard Kipling's poem ‘If’, David Hay is the epitome of a man.'
  21. 'Once one deals in principles that are so fundamental, intractable and as slippery as fairness, then the devil, as one says, is in working through its details.'
  22. with object 'many of the men are dealing drugs'
  23. 'My parents have come to the conclusion that Rich deals and sells drugs.'
  24. 'People caught dealing marijuana, or using or dealing most other drugs still face stiff criminal penalties.'
  25. 'To do that, your Honours, it would have to be established, in my respectful submission, beyond reasonable doubt, that the man Rocky was dealing in drugs.'
  26. 'A woman who dealt heroin on the steps of York Magistrates Court was jailed for three-and-a - half years - and a top judge warned he would do all he could to rid York of the drug.'
  27. 'He had been dealing crack cocaine with three others, with each of them making about £1,000 a week in profit.'
  28. 'Under cross-examination you admitted that you dealt cocaine and had been using it.'
Take measures concerning (someone or something), especially with the intention of putting something right.
  1. 'He said the council had failed to deal properly with his complaint about the Inspection and Registration Unit.'
  2. 'A detective is dealing with both complaints and has personally spoken with the complainants.'
  3. 'There is an obvious reluctance to deal directly with questions of policy or merits.'
  4. 'She added that the functions of the Liaison Officers would include dealing with concerns and needs of tenants in regard to estate management and maintenance.'
  5. 'The trans-local and trans-national terrorists should be dealt with through collaborative security measures.'
  6. 'Bringing things closer into sight is the first step in dealing with potential threats.'
  7. 'The Society deals with complaints of inadequate professional service and/or professional misconduct.'
  8. 'The whole sad story indicates how badly the police force has dealt with the concerns of women.'
  9. 'Questions of discipline, and questions of investigation relating to the individual concerned, will be dealt with by the department.'
  10. 'Police, health, social services and other organisations should not be afraid to share details of cases when dealing with violence in the home, she said.'
  11. 'you'll have to find a way of dealing with those feelings'
  12. 'But he said police now went for further tactical training on how to handle firearms, on defence and dealing with dangerous situations.'
  13. 'Passion is fine, but hard work is difficult, and dealing with the effects on people's lives of situations like that is no soft matter.'
  14. 'Bullies may also turn to this abusive behavior as a way of dealing with a difficult situation at home, such as a divorce.'
  15. 'This only reinforces his fear and will make it more difficult for him to deal with other new situations.'
  16. 'Most chief executives never have to deal with the aftermath of death and mayhem.'
  17. 'London began digging out on Friday, dealing with the aftermath of the attacks.'
  18. 'With the moon in Uranus, you'll find emotional situations difficult to deal with.'
  19. 'This is not to say the court system couldn't cope with some reform to deal with new situations.'
  20. 'Are you living with parents who don't understand you, coping with divorce and adoption, or dealing with sensitive and difficult situations like illness or abuse?'
  21. 'Any wonder he has issues dealing with enlightenment concepts like ‘evidence’ and ‘reasoning’?'
  22. 'Most people can sense when they have been dealt with unfairly by their employer.'
  23. 'Anyone involved in trafficking drugs will be dealt with harshly, and that's the outcome.'
  24. 'Those who share the secret knowledge with the uninitiated are dealt with quickly and harshly, people like Lovecraft.'
  25. 'The authorities had forced students to do household chores and those who resisted were cruelly dealt with, Mr. Augustine said.'
  26. 'Originally only those physically incapable were deemed worthy of charity and able-bodied beggars were dealt with harshly.'
  27. 'If Bennett had his way, those who did not hold his views would be dealt with very harshly indeed.'
  28. 'It is feared protestors will be dealt with harshly by police and troops.'
  29. 'After all, as every child knows, they have plenty of rights to prevent them from being dealt with too severely.'
  30. 'Adults who opposed Mussolini were dealt with harshly.'
  31. 'At times I felt we were harshly dealt with but I'm not putting that down as an excuse.'
  32. 'the bank deals directly with the private sector'
  33. 'Why should not directors and shareholders dealing with each other in relation to the latter's shares be treated as operating at arm's length?'
  34. 'A public relations company dealing with the Plaza declined to confirm whether the rumours were true.'
  35. 'the novel deals with several different topics'
  36. 'The next section deals with the surgical situations where facial nerve is at risk.'
  37. 'There is not space here to deal in detail with all the relevant issues.'
  38. 'Contemporary books dealing adequately with problems associated with Christian suffering are few and far between.'
  39. 'The meeting dealt with matters concerning the Special Olympics and the visitors from Chad who will be visiting Swinford prior to the games.'
  40. 'It is a molecular study, but discusses and deals with morphological information in a reasonable way.'
  41. 'This book, by a scholar of literature, deals with a subject previously treated by historians.'
  42. 'Today, however, virtually all philosophers agree that science deals exclusively with matters of contingent fact.'
  43. 'Each of the members present dealt at length on the projects they were involved in.'
  44. 'The 180-page report deals in detail with all Irish and European law governing the labelling of food.'
Inflict (a blow) on (someone or something)
  1. 'Second, even if one were to say that the bombers were merely responding to the injustice dealt their brethren, are bombs a justified response to heartfelt grievance?'
  2. 'But their newfound romance is soon dealt a bit of a curveball when Lenni's conniving, interfering mother is inadvertently killed - or was she?'
  3. 'They reportedly heard their mother arguing with the perpetrator and attempted to intervene, when he dealt several chops to the sisters.'
  4. 'King Abdullah of Jordan dealt a rebuff to President Bush on Monday, abruptly putting off his visit to Washington scheduled for later this week.'
  5. 'One of Stob Chon's men challenged Rob Roy to a duel, and dealt the aging rebel a wound to the arm from which he never recovered.'
  6. 'Odolorosa gioia (O dolorous joy) is emblematic of the composer's almost self-flagellating delight in the pain dealt by a cruel lover.'
  7. 'Stainforth is just one of the communities that will be dealt a body blow if Hatfield colliery shuts.'
  8. 'The Scottish economy has been dealt a new blow by figures that show exports have nosedived in the last quarter despite a solid performance from the rest of the UK.'
  9. 'This is quite obviously just another form of harassment dealt by the state.'
  10. 'Hopefully then they'll feel really petty and ashamed that they're taking their rage out on a small child whose only crime is to remind them of the disappointments life has dealt them.'


An agreement entered into by two or more parties for their mutual benefit, especially in a business or political context.
  1. 'Financial matters and business deals are arranged according to your directions.'
  2. 'It was difficult ‘for people from the traditional and conservative professions to understand how these business deals are made’.'
  3. 'This is a lousy week for mundane affairs, like balancing your chequebook, looking for a job or negotiating a business deal.'
  4. 'She has expressed concern at the government's multibillion-rand arms deals in the face of growing poverty.'
  5. 'The pipeline is more than just a business deal, it's also highly political, because it's about access to oil.'
  6. 'But he got caught up in some shady real estate deals involving car lots.'
  7. 'The loss of Labour's majority in last week's local elections has upped the political stakes as opposition parties try to negotiate the best deal.'
  8. 'Congratulations are also in order for the other parties in the deal: the governments of British Columbia and Canada.'
  9. 'Venturi has another year left on his contract, but McCarthy's deal expires in March.'
  10. 'Bolton's Business Network International is currently enjoying a boom, successfully negotiating deals worth hundreds of thousands of pounds each year.'
  11. 'working mothers get a bad deal'
  12. 'Ask those closest to the action if Scottish players get a better deal from the current boss.'
  13. 'Women have a particularly bad deal in the cancer stakes, according to Greaves.'
  14. 'He was born with so much talent, the sporting life has made him extremely rich, yet there is too often the sense of a man who believes he has been dealt a bad deal.'
  15. 'If the offender thinks that he is getting a bad deal, he can always get redress in the courts.'
  16. 'Compared to members of other unitary authorities, Swindon councillors get a bad deal.'
  17. 'The councillor, like his Labour predecessor, points out that this city gets a bad deal from Whitehall.'
  18. 'Republicans often argue that Social Security is a bad deal for African-Americans.'
  19. 'The mark guarantees workers such as tea pluckers in Sri Lanka and banana farmers in the Windward Islands receive a reasonable deal.'
  20. 'Dr Bass manages to combine humility with humanity and while he never exactly makes me feel good about having cancer, I feel that together we can make the best of a bad deal.'
The process of distributing the cards to players in a card game.
  1. 'No more cards will be drawn from the stock until the next deal.'
  2. 'The player who received the first card from the deal may be known as eldest hand, or as forehand.'
  3. 'Older machines took 10 cards - the five needed for the deal and the five that might be needed for the draw.'
  4. 'The 11 th card in the deal is turned face up, and placed on top of the trump/rank pile.'
  5. 'The first deal and the bidding are as in the six-player game, and the high bidder names trump.'
  6. 'During the deal, six cards are to be placed face down in the centre of the table to form a kitty.'
  7. 'The card that was flipped up at the end of the deal is also trump.'
  8. 'In baccarat the deal goes counterclockwise around the table from player to player.'
  9. 'After each hand, the deal passes to next player to the left of the previous dealer who is still in.'
  10. 'It's your deal now," said one of the men, under his breath, "and see that this time you deal from the top."'
  11. 'This can be done at any time during the deal by an active player who has a card matching their score.'
  12. 'If you draw a card of the trump rank during the deal, you are not obliged to expose it immediately or at all.'
  13. 'So even if you fold, you may still get the chance to win the current pot on the following deal.'
  14. 'As usual, it is suggested that the reader copies the deal and follows the play.'
  15. 'There may be cards left on the table after everyone has played their cards from the first deal.'

More definitions

1. to occupy oneself or itself (usually followed by with or in): Botany deals with the study of plants. He deals in generalities.

2. to take action with respect to a thing or person (followed by with): Law courts must deal with lawbreakers.

3. to conduct oneself toward persons: He deals fairly.

4. to be able to handle competently or successfully; cope (followed by with): I can't deal with your personal problems.

5. to trade or do busin

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"banks can be deal in interests."

"organizations can be deal in revenues."

"ranges can be deal with problems."

"people can be deal with cases."

"people can be deal with problems."

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