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Cause (someone) to lose the power of hearing permanently or temporarily.
  1. 'The thunderous devices which now pass for fireworks can partially, and sometimes totally, deafen babies and young children, as there is no way of protecting them from the auditory onslaught, even if they are kept indoors.'
  2. 'Such desires might seem reasonable if not for the fact that any parent who deafened a hearing baby would be charged with child abuse.'
  3. 'He is more reckless when younger; when his ear is clipped by a sniper's bullet, his concern is that he doesn't bleed on his single epaulette, and later he is deafened when with his men he uses too much powder sabotaging the enemy.'
  4. 'One detonated a few feet from Aguero, peppering him with shrapnel and deafening him temporarily in one ear.'
  5. 'He was trying to regain his feet when the machine gun opened up almost deafening him.'
  6. 'What you're looking for is 100 watts per channel, across all frequencies, which is enough to deafen most people.'
  7. 'Music was blaring out of the speakers, and almost deafening me.'
  8. 'After a noisy afternoon with a Bren firing 12 inches from my left ear, I was deafened, and though my hearing eventually returned I was left with a loud hiss.'
  9. 'Apparently, she was temporarily deafened by some anomalous phenomenon.'
  10. 'The air brakes kicked in, almost deafening her, and the plane slowly came to a halt.'
  11. 'he was deafened by lorry traffic'
  12. 'We who live there are deafened by the noise, gassed by the fumes and face injury crossing over the road.'
  13. 'Sam's arrival was noticed just as the bell rang, so that she was deafened by the combined sound of the bell and enthusiastic greetings of her friends.'
  14. 'the noise deafened him to Ron's approach'
  15. 'But maybe the wind whipped my words away, or maybe the blast had deafened Porter to anything but the blood coursing through him because he kept focussed on riding us straight and fast, and didn't even act like I were there at all.'
  16. 'His innocence deafens him to the threat of the monsters, a threat which remains solely audible in the first half of the film.'

More definitions

1. to make deaf: The accident deafened him for life.

2. to stun or overwhelm with noise: The pounding of the machines deafened us.

3. deaden (def 3).

4. Obsolete. to render (a sound) inaudible, especially by a louder sound.

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"people can be deafened."

"writers can be deafened."

"winds can be deafened."

"soldiers can be deafened."

"guests can be deafened."

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