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Impassive or expressionless.
  1. 'You'll never see a movie with more deadpan, underemphasized humor in it than this one.'
  2. 'His features were deadpan but his voice was bursting with emotion.'
  3. 'Stoic bafflement - a deadpan stare into the camera - is Geist's usual game.'
  4. 'Whitford especially is a comic gift to any director, capable of the sort of arrogance, deadpan humor and blank-faced terror that Bill Murray has perfected.'
  5. 'There was a good deal of narrative alternating with enactment, all presented in an understated, even deadpan, style.'
  6. 'Even as her voice drips sarcasm, her deadpan expression doesn't change.'
  7. 'But the face expresses the same deadpan ferocity as the film.'
  8. 'The latter work is done drily, with humor of the most deadpan variety; one never believes that this apprentice truly was in danger.'
  9. 'He's slightly detached, everything delivered in deadpan Liverpudlian tones, like he's doing some spoof of Ringo Starr.'
  10. 'He's never been the most expressive of actors but here is deadpan to the point of catatonia at times.'


In a deadpan manner.
  1. 'Newsreaders are expected to deliver stories deadpan.'
  2. 'and was less than impressed when the teller told her, dead-pan, that she had never heard of her.'
  3. 'Pollsters themselves, and the media who report their findings deadpan, are partly responsible for this.'
  4. 'The advice is often both ludicrous and enlightening at once, and is delivered dead-pan by Chevy Chase.'
  5. 'I replied dead-pan and turned back to face the drinks I was sorting out.'
  6. 'I don't think I was prepared for how deadpan funny she is.'
  7. 'If you can say it deadpan and just fast enough but not too fast, they don't even think about questioning it.'
  8. '‘You forget - I have to ask your father for your hand in marriage tomorrow morning,’ David said, dead-pan. ‘After that, I can do anything.’'


Say something amusing while affecting a serious manner.
  1. 'Bombs had been thrown around in this country before, the prime minister dead-panned.'
  2. 'They cut to a commercial, and when the show came back on, Carson and the bare-chested guests were seated and he looked into the camera and dead-panned, ‘Welcome to Rawhide.’'
  3. 'Shi and Chi froze, just as Sailor Captain Tsukiou dead-panned, ‘I wouldn't be harming my Sailor Commander, if I were you.’'
  4. 'Bill Murray affirms himself as a true incarnation of insincerity in the briefest of cameos, deadpanning the line "Honestly, I wouldn't miss this for the world" at a lame party.'
  5. '‘I'm a Napoli supporter,’ Paul dead-panned, with impeccable comic timing.'
  6. '‘It sounds fabulous,’ he dead-panned, before turning his back on me to greet his public.'


1. marked by or accomplished with a careful pretense of seriousness or calm detachment; impassive or expressionless: deadpan humor.

2. displaying no emotional or personal involvement: a deadpan style. adverb

3. in a deadpan manner: He spoke his lines utterly deadpan. verb (used with or without object), deadpanned, deadpanning.

4. to behave or perform in a deadpan manner. noun, Also, dead pan

5. a face showing no expression.

6. a style of comedy that relies on the comed

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