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Causing or able to cause death.
  1. 'a series of deadly attacks'
  2. 'And in doing so there's a distinct possibility that deadly force will have to be used.'
  3. 'The aftershock is equally deadly for those who live in the vicinity.'
  4. 'British leaders say the mistaken shooting last Friday was a tragedy, but they insist police must be able to use deadly force to protect the public.'
  5. 'Asthma is at best an annoying condition, and at worst a debilitating, even deadly disease.'
  6. 'Greed is their most deadly sin, because none of them can escape it.'
  7. 'He faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon.'
  8. 'Scientists hope new research could result in a vaccine for the potentially deadly meningitis B virus.'
  9. 'The gas was refined and is less toxic but still toxic enough to be deadly to humans over time.'
  10. 'In Doomsday Book the twenty-first century is stricken by yet another pandemic, almost as deadly as the Black Death was in the fourteenth.'
  11. 'It is also important to remember that every driver on the highway is armed with a weapon more deadly and dangerous than any firearm: a motor vehicle.'
  12. 'his voice was cold and deadly'
  13. 'Their hate campaign is paying deadly dividends.'
  14. 'Voice hated Azrael with a deadly passion.'
  15. 'They are murderous, they are frustrated and they are deadly.'
  16. 'An unearthly calm seemed to come over him then, and there was a feeling of deadly malice, of hate and violence radiating from him that made her flinch from his stare.'
  17. 'Her tone was flat and deadly, her fingers curled stiffly into something like claws.'
  18. 'The greatest tragedy of the overseas democratic movement is that your ‘own people’ are often your most deadly enemy.'
  19. 'Some were related; some were colleagues and friends; others were deadly enemies.'
  20. 'His voice was deadly and calm as he walked toward them.'
  21. 'He charges like a mad man, swinging wildly yet very deadly and quite accurate.'
  22. 'There's something scary about a spare ball that can look this good and be so deadly.'
  23. 'Not an International, but proving deadly in the Premiership whilst his form lasts.'
  24. 'He throws the ball straight with deadly accuracy.'
  25. 'Each strike and block was performed with flawless, deadly accuracy.'
  26. 'And because I came from a single-income family, I was eligible for a student allowance, even with the deadly radar of means-testing.'
  27. 'Tyger threw the ball with deadly accuracy right at the monster's chest.'
  28. 'You rely on body armor, luck, and your deadly accuracy to survive.'
  29. 'After a moment of deadly silence, the general spoke.'
  30. 'There are things of deadly earnest that can only be mentioned under the cover of a joke.'
  31. 'Morgan Freeman was now speaking in deadly earnest about Rainforests as the Lungs of Our Planet.'
  32. 'There was a moment of deadly calm before people began to move, soft moans of pain from all around.'
  33. 'I barely even notice the battle anymore through the deadly monotony.'
  34. 'Viewers today typically consider busts academic, boring, deadly; in a museum, they are what you walk past on the way to the Impressionists.'
  35. 'As a result, cultural choice is increasingly restricted, and a bland sameness, deadly and soporific, threatens the cultural landscape.'
Very good; excellent.
  1. 'Breakfast was deadly!! The best breakfast potatoes I think I’ve ever had.'


In a way resembling or suggesting death; as if dead.
  1. 'All the while being deadly silent, since I live with my grandmother and her bedroom is right next to the bathroom.'
  2. 'His face was deadly white, a bloody bandage swathed his neck, and his rainproof was soaked with the blood of a sniper's victim.'
  3. 'a deadly serious remark'
  4. 'It is a deadly dull subject, almost guaranteed to drive away both voters and readers.'
  5. 'I mean, even the last book I read was so deadly dull I had to skim the last third just to get it over with.'
  6. 'It is journalistic slop, political flatulence and religious aggrandisement, and it is deadly dangerous.'
  7. 'Every inch the deadly precise aristocrat, Harris shines brighter than any other star in Enemy at the Gates.'
  8. 'But there are other worthy contenders too - deadly fast men such as Holding and Walsh, and artful slow bowlers like Ramadhin and Gibbs.'
  9. 'Bing Crosby was deadly afraid of heights.'
  10. 'The system at Dachau was simple, but deadly effective.'
  11. 'Heart failure is a deadly serious condition, but with good treatments people can double or triple their life expectancy.'
  12. 'It's been a long and busy day, and the weather has been deadly dull and grey.'
  13. 'This joking remark caused Eisenhower to turn deadly serious.'


1. causing or tending to cause death; fatal; lethal: a deadly poison.

2. aiming to kill or destroy; implacable: a deadly enemy.

3. like death: a deadly pallor.

4. excruciatingly boring: The dinner party was absolutely deadly.

5. excessive; inordinate: deadly haste.

6. extremely accurate: Annie Oakley was a deadly shot. adverb

7. in a manner resembling or suggesting death: deadly pale.

8. excessively; completely: deadly dull.

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"ends can be deadly at moments."

"people can be deadly."

"weapons can be deadly."

"games can be deadly."

"enemies can be deadly."

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Old English dēadlīc ‘mortal, in danger of death’ (see dead, -ly).