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A situation, typically one involving opposing parties, in which no progress can be made.
  1. '"I detected in the president and prime minister a desire to resolve the present deadlock, " he said.'
  2. 'The strike call was made following a deadlock in negotiations for a collective bargaining agreement.'
  3. 'The one-day protest comes after Salga and Samwu failed to resolve a deadlock in salary negotiations.'
  4. 'Bilateral relations have come to a virtual deadlock since the last ministerial talks ended in failure in November last year.'
  5. 'The latest Norwegian delegation is unlikely to end the present deadlock and to restart the peace talks.'
  6. 'The meeting reached a deadlock when Williams challenged Halley to have him removed by municipal security guards.'
  7. 'Ballina and Castlebar Town Councils are due to hold further meetings in the coming weeks after initial discussions failed to break the deadlock between management and councillors.'
  8. 'Technological advances in machine guns and artillery had caused such a stalemate on the battlefield that all parties involved were looking for ways to break the deadlock.'
  9. 'We'll talk with two key members of the U.S. House and Senate about that stalled intelligence reform legislation, what it's going to take to break the deadlock.'
  10. 'After several minutes of explanations, she realized that the groups had reached a deadlock.'
  11. 'Ashton broke the deadlock with a penalty after 15 minutes'
  12. 'Consequently, the teams failed to break the deadlock at half time.'
  13. 'In our 20 previous Women's Bowler of the Year awards, never had there been such a deadlock.'
  14. 'On the face of it the golden goal is the fairest and cleanest solution to a deadlock.'
  15. 'With the teams failing to resolve the deadlock at the end of regulation time and extra-time, tie-breaker was applied.'
  16. 'Three minutes into the extra period Avenue finally broke the deadlock.'
  17. 'After a 43-43 halftime deadlock, the Cavs took a seven-point lead.'
  18. 'The wide man did play a part in the build-up when the deadlock was broken in the 33rd minute.'
  19. 'The deadlock was finally broken on the stroke of half-time with a Dean Howell back pass putting Gawthorpe under real pressure.'
  20. 'Although both teams created a number of late chances the game ended in deadlock.'
  21. 'Five minutes into the second half the Derbyshire outfit broke the deadlock following a disputed free-kick.'
A type of lock requiring a key to open and close it, as distinct from a spring lock.
  1. 'Standard security equipment has undoubtedly improved in recent years, importantly including deadlocks, electronic immobilisers and alarms.'
  2. 'All 21 vans are finished in red with the company's livery as well as being boarded out and fitted with deadlocks and roof-bars.'
  3. 'A full alarm, deadlocks on doors, we've got deadlocking bolts on all the windows and French doors around the house.'
  4. 'There is remote control central locking, with deadlocks as well as transponder immobiliser.'
  5. 'My car instructions warn not to activate deadlocks if people are inside, as it cannot be unlocked from inside.'
  6. 'These include fitting an alarm, making sure deadlocks are fitted to outside doors and making sure valuables are kept out of view.'


Cause (a situation or opposing parties) to come to a point where no progress can be made because of fundamental disagreement.
  1. 'They were hopelessly deadlocked and begged to be discharged.'
  2. 'The jury deadlocked on two other counts charging him with false statements on tax returns.'
  3. 'In 1992, negotiations on the new federal Constitution deadlocked over the issue of Slovak autonomy.'
  4. 'The government proposal was announced on July 2 as a way of resolving deadlocked negotiations.'
  5. 'Arguably, the parties would have remained deadlocked if the Ferrelli Application had not been commenced, as the primary objective of the Cantelmi Application was to maintain the status quo.'
  6. 'It is reported that 3,000 employees attended the meeting, convened after negotiations with management deadlocked over workers' financial demands.'
  7. 'The two sides are now deadlocked over wage issues.'
  8. 'Negotiations are practically deadlocked over agriculture, as they are over trips.'
  9. 'The all-white jury deadlocked in Killen's case, but seven others were convicted.'
  10. 'The past five years have seen political stagnation with the government and opposition deadlocked, and the rotting away of the foundation of democracy has begun.'
  11. 'The game remained deadlocked until Payne, coming off the bench, broke the tie for good.'
  12. 'By the 70th minute the sides were deadlocked before Tomas Quinn fired over the match-winning 45.'
  13. 'After the first third of the match, the score was still deadlocked at 0-0.'
  14. 'With the match deadlocked at the end of normal time extra time was played in very wet and windy conditions.'
  15. 'The opposing sides had been deadlocked at nil-nil, following an exciting first half.'
  16. 'So we're just sitting there watching TV and nothing is really happening, the game is deadlocked at fourteen to fourteen and it's gotten pretty out of hand with the penalties.'
  17. 'Each of the two remaining candidates received one vote leaving them deadlocked again on eighteen votes.'
  18. 'At half time the scores were deadlocked at 10 all.'
  19. 'They were still deadlocked after playing the first and 18th holes.'
  20. 'Although the game was deadlocked at 4-4 after the fourth inning, Flaherty's sixth-inning blast put the Yankees firmly in the driving seat.'
Secure (a door) with a deadlock.
  1. 'Police were interviewed on radio warning residents not to deadlock doors overnight without leaving a key in the inside lock.'
  2. 'You come home, you turn the key and it is still deadlocked.'
  3. 'I stood there watching him for five seconds and knew he couldn't get out so ran out and deadlocked the front door.'
  4. 'I always thought that when I was on the inside, if I twisted the handle up, it would be deadlocking the door, or locking it somehow.'
  5. 'Like some Fifties melodrama hero, Will is a lost lover returning from the past, none of the doors are expecting him, all are deadlocked.'

More definitions

1. a state in which progress is impossible, as in a dispute, produced by the counteraction of opposing forces; standstill; stalemate: The union and management reached a deadlock over fringe benefits.

2. deadbolt.

3. a maximum-security cell for the solitary confinement of a prisoner. verb (used with or without object)

4. to bring or come to a deadlock.

More examples(as adjective)

"talks can be deadlocked since dates."

"talks can be deadlocked over issues."

"talks can be deadlocked for weeks."

"situations can be deadlocked at sights."

"talks can be deadlocked over places."

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