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Make (a noise or sensation) less strong or intense.
  1. 'Yes, it did deaden pain, but it also reduced inhibitions and made a person react with their instincts.'
  2. 'This will help deaden the noise of heavy footfalls and provides a much kinder surface to unhook fish on than hard boards.'
  3. 'The microphone had a windscreen and extra foam that deadened the noise of raindrops falling on the microphone.'
  4. 'Tail-coated ushers move them gently along the brown carpet that deadens the footsteps.'
  5. 'I carry them with me wherever I go and they help deaden the pain.'
  6. 'If there is a criticism to be made, it is that the album is rather unrelenting in its pace, deadening the impact of the later songs.'
  7. 'Though two girlfriends were at my side for emotional support, I needed something extra to help me relax (and deaden the pain) while I got my first tattoo a few weeks ago.'
  8. 'Close all the curtains and turn on the radio or television to deaden the noise.'
  9. 'He drank huge quantities of wine in order to deaden the pain.'
  10. 'After the drugs used to deaden the pain were leached from his system, Ian woke.'
  11. 'diabetes can deaden the nerve endings'
  12. 'Such hyperbole deadens the sensitivity to moral distinctions in public discourse.'
  13. 'Based on its placement, I would bet that it has deadened the nerve, so that you would indeed feel no pain.'
  14. 'Between the water draining, the cool water pouring in, and her skin deadened from sensation, the pain started to become tolerable.'
  15. 'I settle for a Camembert baguette, a bolet of chilled cider deadening my tongue to the sock aftershock.'
  16. 'It is a narcotic that dulls the brain and deadens the nerves.'
  17. 'Cantus sighed in relief, relaxing as I deadened his nerves.'
  18. 'I asked my oncologist for a tube of cream which deadens the skin so you don't feel the puncture.'
  19. 'However, in this situation, like most others, we smokers have a slight advantage; our nasal nerves have long since been deadened with a film of tar.'
  20. 'a deadening routine'
  21. 'The biggest complaint you hear these days from country folk is about the sheer, deadening weight of bureaucracy.'
  22. 'Life is busier than ever for most couples and it's easy to fall into a routine that deadens your marriage.'
  23. 'Without wonder, men and women would lapse into deadening routine and little by little would become incapable of a life which is genuinely personal.'
  24. 'What had been deadening this country, I think, was not so mysterious.'
  25. 'I push my deadened feet up, forcing them to move, my hands stuck by my side as I turn the corner into the lounge.'
  26. 'Over the years, his humanity has been submerged through a deadening routine.'
  27. 'The onslaught of porn is responsible for deadening male libido in relation to real women.'
  28. 'Even if you ignore the health-threatening combination of junk TV and junk food, it's obvious that television deadens children's capacity to develop.'
  29. 'Then it flew back into my mind with hideous, deadening force.'
  30. 'Stale routine can be deadening and it appears to me that you are following a routine here lately, with business and other daily affairs.'
  31. 'Twenty years of blockbusters have deadened audiences to the excitement of big armies and lavish effects.'
  32. 'The superficiality, the alienation, the escapism, and the hollowness are a result of a steady bombardment of confusing and deadening messages designed to reduce us to passive consumers.'
  33. 'He asks us to believe that one infant can change the world not as some sentimental pap which deadens us to the pain around us or as some convenient bandage to slap over profound brokenness.'
  34. 'The Christian legalization of belief in Christ has deadened us to the free openness of his life.'
  35. 'But we should also expect that chemicals and treatments will be developed that deaden the future soldier's sensation of fear.'
  36. 'The only way you could remain a communist, he said later, was by deadening your conscience, by inducing a moral narcosis.'
  37. 'When we treat fish and other animals like little more than a piece of sporting equipment it deadens all of us.'

More definitions

1. to make less sensitive, active, energetic, or forcible; weaken: to deaden sound; to deaden the senses; to deaden the force of a blow.

2. to lessen the velocity of; retard: to deaden the headway of a ship.

3. to make impervious to sound, as a floor. verb (used without object)

4. to become dead.

More examples(as adjective)

"people/places/organizations can be deaden."