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No longer alive.
  1. as complement 'he was shot dead by a sniper'
  2. 'And how many graphic pictures of dead bodies and desperate survivors do we need to see?'
  3. 'I found my father nearly dead, lying in the mud.'
  4. 'Our loved ones are only truly dead if they are forgotten.'
  5. 'An ambulance was called but the boy was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.'
  6. 'I charged through the house and saw the girl lying dead on the floor.'
  7. 'The driver didn't know whether the person he hit was dead or alive.'
  8. 'An emotionally distant scientist, Banner believes that his father is dead.'
  9. 'We waited what seemed an eternity not knowing if she would come back dead or alive.'
  10. 'It was believed she had been dead for around two hours before they arrived.'
  11. 'Paramedics tried to treat the victim but he was declared dead at the scene.'
  12. 'I severed nerves in my leg so part of my foot is dead'
  13. 'His foot is dead and they need to operate immediately to save what's left of his leg.'
  14. 'Have you ever woken up with a dead arm?'
  15. 'The warmth from that simple touch and kiss thawed his cold dead heart back to life.'
  16. 'A person who has always been truly alone is one who will be emotionally dead.'
  17. 'But now that I am older and emotionally dead inside, these things bother me less and less.'
  18. 'His eyes are dead, as black as the depths of the sea, glancing at us as his halo of white-transparent hair swirls around his head.'
  19. 'He felt dead and dull inside, like an electric toy with the batteries removed.'
  20. 'When a woman's voice from a car alongside him calls his name, his face is emotionless, blank, dead.'
  21. 'He turns me around, jerking my chin up to look into his dead, black eyes.'
  22. 'pollution had become a dead issue'
  23. 'I suppose that means that in one small way, chivalry isn't dead.'
  24. 'This demonstration shows that the movement is not at all dead, but alive and growing.'
  25. 'Browsing through the diverse range of opinions posted by readers, it is hard to believe that the issue is dead.'
  26. 'Images move you up the television news agenda; without camera access, my friend, your issue is dead.'
  27. 'In any case, unless there's some clear photo from tonight, I think this issue may be dead.'
  28. 'Despite that result, however, there are indications that the issue is not completely dead.'
  29. 'Our voters confirmed that Europe was far from being a dead and done issue for any party.'
  30. 'Which is not to say that the well-wrought traditional panto is entirely dead.'
  31. 'The postwar alliance that once structured and indeed defined our world is dead.'
  32. 'a dead planet'
  33. 'Our view of Mars has changed dramatically from that of a cold, dry, geologically dead world to a warm, wet, oasis where life may have arisen and may yet thrive in certain locations.'
  34. 'In 45,000 million years from now, it will turn into a small dead globe.'
  35. 'The land is dead, its animals gone, its cities covered in ash, most of its people killed by violence or disease.'
  36. 'Brussels isn't dead after dark, if you know where to look'
  37. 'Got sent home early since the place was dead, a nice change to actually get the last bus.'
  38. 'When he was singing decent songs he could send electricity through those dead restaurants he was playing.'
  39. 'In the end I only got one opportunity to go in to this place, and the night I was in there was absolutely dead, no-one else at all.'
  40. 'As he walked the dead streets he was aware of tears running down his cheeks.'
  41. 'I look at the coverage on the news, and the streets look empty and dead.'
  42. 'Turned out the place was dead, hardly worth turning up for.'
  43. 'far from being dead money, it is available to be spent or invested'
  44. 'The money is dead money unless we have some support from them.'
  45. 'Is this dead money as I am sure there are many people in the same situation as me.'
  46. 'You can't go on paying out dead money every month on something you don't own.'
  47. 'Government money is dead money, ring-fenced and controlled so that every penny can meet the rigours of post - audit.'
  48. 'This is dead finance as the loss is far greater than the gain and gets worse by the hour.'
  49. 'I let the bag drop with a dead thud to the floor.'
  50. 'To locate dry rot, tap questionable areas with a hammer and listen for a hollow, dead sound.'
  51. 'Students tinted the surface ground with a dead color, like brownish-green.'
  52. 'They were both, I found from careful measurements, of precisely the same dimensions and surface area, and each presented the same dull dead black surface.'
  53. 'the phone had gone dead'
  54. 'I did finally find a link that connected to the same dead server I had been trying to access.'
  55. 'Don't sign any software agreement until you have read the fine print carefully, otherwise you could one day find yourself with a very dead computer.'
  56. 'Before Kat could respond, the line went dead and the faint beeping of the phone began to bother her.'
  57. 'The television was dead and would not respond at all.'
  58. 'the batteries are dead'
  59. 'When the boat got back to the harbor after the snorkeling trip, our rental car's battery was dead.'
  60. 'I came back last week from a spell in Istanbul to discover that the power in my flat was dead.'
  61. 'the fire had been dead for some days'
  62. 'Jim stepped away from the cold embers of the dead fire and walked into the jungle.'
  63. 'But the next day, the fire was dead. With no one to feed it, it went out while men were sleeping.'
  64. 'The place is covered in empty pizza boxes, dead bottles of booze and cigarette butts.'
  65. 'the ball had gone dead'
  66. 'Keep in mind that on such plays the ball is not dead and the batter-runner may try for four bases at his own risk if he chooses.'
  67. 'If an umpire is struck by a batted ball in that position, the ball is dead.'
  68. 'the pitch was so utterly dead that Pollock could hardly get the ball bail-high'
  69. 'England fast bowlers seemed to bowl too many short deliveries on a dead pitch today.'
  70. 'He demonstrated that even on dead pitches a degree of aggression can bring dividends.'
Complete; absolute.
  1. 'Everyone sat there in dead silence for a moment, quietly digesting what they'd just heard.'
  2. 'That comment caused dead silence, because he hit the nail on the head.'
  3. 'A dead silence followed as each person took time to analyze his surroundings.'
  4. 'A wave of laughter flared up at that one, followed by a dead silence.'
  5. 'Since disaster struck the students have been making frantic phone calls only to be greeted by dead silence.'
  6. 'All sound stopped instantly and there was dead silence from inside the bar.'
  7. 'She thought her little five-year-old heartbeat came to a dead stop in the silence.'
  8. 'There was about half a minute of total dead silence before she could manage any words.'
  9. 'The class stayed in the kind of dead silence that most teachers would greet with joy.'
  10. 'And if you can hold eight hundred people in dead silence and hear a pin drop you know something's going right.'


Absolutely; completely.
  1. 'he was dead against the idea'
  2. 'I got up early this morning in the hope to have a surf before work - only to find that it was dead flat here at Llandudno.'
  3. 'The entire student body fell dead silent.'
  4. 'Realizing that his expression was dead serious she found out that he was definitely not lying.'
  5. 'It's got the longest, thinnest legs I've seen on a bird the size of say, a large gull, with a dead straight beak.'
  6. 'She stopped dead in her tracks and saw the red convertible stop as well.'
  7. 'Businessman John Walker is dead certain his funeral will go to plan.'
  8. 'My monitor fills with images of two men saluting, grinning thumbs up or looking dead serious.'
  9. 'I am dead certain we have the talent needed for winning in the Olympic games.'
  10. 'The place is dead empty save for a man who invites us to discover 5,000 years of authentic Mexican cuisine.'
  11. 'We got there at dead on 6: 30, and there were plenty of people who arrived even later.'
  12. 'That way I can take my time, not have to worry too much about getting in dead on time in the morning.'
  13. 'Then I was gearing up to leave dead on 5.30 pm when the boss points out a problem.'
  14. 'The timetable on the wall tells me that the train is dead on time.'
  15. 'It will take away from the classic perspective of looking at city hall dead on.'
  16. 'There was a ninety-degree turn to the left, and a street sign dead ahead.'
  17. 'She was always scared of looking at people dead in the eye.'
  18. 'It's been a dead easy week, radio-wise - just like having your own PR company working for you.'
  19. 'And the story of her and Bob at the VW Bus weekend was dead funny too, especially when she acted out the parts of some of the people she met!'
  20. 'It sounds dead good and I fancy having a go.'
  21. 'His piece on the clamour for new nuclear power stations is dead good.'
  22. 'He was twittering and laughing as if this was dead funny.'


1. no longer living; deprived of life: dead people; dead flowers; dead animals.

2. brain-dead.

3. not endowed with life; inanimate: dead stones.

4. resembling death; deathlike: a dead sleep; a dead faint.

5. bereft of sensation; numb: He was half dead with fright. My leg feels dead.

6. lacking sensitivity of feeling; insensitive: dead to the needs of others.

7. incapable of being emotionally moved; unresponsive: dead to the nuances of the music.

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"people can be dead on arrivals."

"people can be dead at hospitals."

"people can be dead for years."

"people can be dead by nows."

"people can be dead in waters."

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