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(of a bright light) blind (a person or their eyes) temporarily.
  1. 'The bright light of the corridor dazzled her as it always did when she came out of the darkroom, but she didn't care.'
  2. 'Upon opening it he stepped into the room only to be dazzled by orange light.'
  3. 'The sun had long since set, and now the headlights of passing vehicles dazzled eyes used to the blackness.'
  4. 'An ocean of Paris lay before her, lights dazzling her eyes as she looked over them, and a small smile found its way to her face.'
  5. 'Automatic dimming mirrors, which protect the driver from being dazzled by the lights of a car behind, are increasingly popular on new cars.'
  6. 'A huge, dark shape passed by - the bright lights dazzled my eyes, shining from between parallel bars.'
  7. 'The early autumn sunlight dazzled her eyes when she stepped from the porch.'
  8. 'He was still under the spell of the performance, his eyes dazzled by the long hours under the spotlights.'
  9. 'The moon twinkled off the water, dazzling me, blinding me for a moment.'
  10. 'The lights dazzled her, before being silenced by darkness.'
  11. 'I was dazzled by the beauty and breadth of the exhibition'
  12. 'He stood more than twice her size, yet she showed no fear of him, nor did she seem dazzled by his beauty.'
  13. 'Where the graphics impressed in the original, they simply dazzle in the sequel.'
  14. 'We are dazzled by the exotic regalia in which Indian rulers impressed the British court.'
  15. 'Ice carver Flint Edwards dazzled the crowd with his skill.'
  16. 'For a long time, Irving used his streetwise independence to dazzle career academics with the arcane quality of his research.'
  17. 'Both are at their most brilliant - there's no one to touch them - doing dazzling stream-of-consciousness riffs on the radio.'
  18. 'John Young dazzled - and perhaps overwhelmed - Smith with his discussions of lunar science.'
  19. 'At the Summer Olympics, which begin in Athens, Greece, next week, the world's elite athletes will once again dazzle us with their almost superhuman qualities.'
  20. 'Thus his theatre does not attempt to dazzle or overwhelm the individual sensibility, but to stimulate it to new insights and sympathies.'
  21. 'Tonight's performance will dazzle and amaze you!'


Brightness that blinds someone temporarily.
  1. 'How empty is all their dazzle without imagination.'
  2. 'And she wasn't the only model with extra dazzle.'
  3. 'The pianistic dazzle towards the end was stunning.'
  4. 'What the 131st lacks in intelligent dazzle, it makes up for in bulk and an ingratiating earnest of good will.'
  5. 'Glamour and dazzle are more your style - so an evening that starts out in a limousine would be perfect.'
  6. 'It sent the cave in to a sparkling blue dazzle, as the walls were made of a sapphire like stone.'
  7. 'Add dazzle to your tweed, wool or leather suit with a bright-colored camisole underneath.'
  8. 'It wasn't Oscar's best work - low on razzle and with a noticeable dearth of dazzle.'
  9. 'Add a light sprinkling of glitter gel for added dazzle or jazz up the sides or back with hair jewels.'
  10. 'All this multimedia dazzle would come to nothing (and, in fact, almost does, thanks to tonight's local power failure) if it weren't for the quality of the performances.'

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1. to overpower or dim the vision of by intense light: He was dazzled by the sudden sunlight.

2. to impress deeply; astonish with delight: The glorious palace dazzled him. verb (used without object), dazzled, dazzling.

3. to shine or reflect brilliantly: gems dazzling in the sunlight.

4. to be overpowered by light: Her eyes dazzled in the glare.

5. to excite admiration by brilliance: Once one is accustomed to such splendor, it no longer

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"people can be dazzled by glitters."

"people can be dazzled by equilibriums."

"people can be dazzled."

"eyes can be dazzled."

"viewers can be dazzled."

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(dazzle)Late 15th century (in the sense ‘be dazzled’): frequentative of the verb daze.