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(especially of an emotional or physical shock) make (someone) unable to think or react properly.
  1. 'a dazed expression'
  2. 'A ball of hail the size of her fist slammed into her back, driving the air from her lungs and knocking her to the ground, the impact dazing her.'
  3. 'Joe head-butted Eddie, dazing him.'
  4. 'Slightly dazed by the encounter I step out into the brightness of the street.'
  5. 'He was dazed and disoriented so Marian got him to the hospital where he had a major stroke.'
  6. 'Kassi is so dazed by it all that she drops pizza onto her brand new and very expensive evening dress.'
  7. 'He was often dazed and drifted out of his senses while staring emptily into nothingness.'
  8. 'I was dazed and amazed by all the wonderful things the Internet could do.'
  9. 'The victim was so dazed from his injuries he was unable to tell police what happened.'
  10. 'I was completely dazed and shocked and felt that I had been hit on the head.'
  11. 'Slightly dazed and confused from his fall, Levi recovered his state of mind.'


A state of stunned confusion or bewilderment.
  1. 'A couple of days after the game, the man was found wandering in a daze around Lisbon airport.'
  2. 'I feel like I am in a daze, not knowing whether I am coming or going.'
  3. 'I went around in a daze, completely empty inside, for years, really.'
  4. 'Ivan was still in a daze from his sleep, and didn't notice that Joan was sitting in one of the chairs.'
  5. 'I walk out of the lapping, transparent water in a daze made up of disbelief as much as exhaustion.'
  6. 'They have been crying and just walking around in a daze since they found out he has gone.'
  7. 'We were in a daze, caught in a trance and she was sure the coffee was drugged.'
  8. 'He finished the season in a daze and spent the winter wondering what would happen next.'
  9. 'In a daze, we make it back to the hotel and collapse before our 5.00 am start for home.'
  10. 'I'm getting home in the evening feeling stunned, and sit there in a daze for the rest of the night.'

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1. to stun or stupefy with a blow, shock, etc.: He was dazed by a blow on the head.

2. to overwhelm; dazzle: The splendor of the palace dazed her. noun

3. a dazed condition; state of bemusement: After meeting the author, I was in a daze for a week.

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"people can be dazed with fatigues."

"people can be dazed."

"eyes can be dazed."

"relatives can be dazed."

"survivors can be dazed."

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(daze)Middle English: back-formation from dazed (adjective), from Old Norse dasathr ‘weary’; compare with Swedish dasa ‘lie idle’.