Adjective "daytrip" definition and examples

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A journey or excursion completed in one day.
  1. 'Activities include arts and crafts, sports, swimming, bowling, cinema and a day trip.'
  2. 'To finalise the tour the best was to come, a day trip to Eurodisney, just outside Paris.'
  3. 'My wife and I also took a day trip down to Battle, where the Battle of Hastings was fought.'
  4. 'School's out: we went on a day trip to Luxor - five hours by coach, but worth it!'
  5. 'We did a day trip out to Shepreth Wildlife Park while they were here.'
  6. 'You may be tempted to extend Texas Tourism Week and take a different day trip every weekend.'
  7. 'I remember one winter doing a day trip from Eastbourne to the Wainuiomata Coast Road and back.'
  8. 'It has ended the quick day trip for US passengers, because the security delays mean it's no longer possible.'
  9. 'As a tourist destination it was overshadowed by the majesty of Niagara Falls which is a comfortable day trip from the city.'
  10. 'Bear in mind that a day trip will still only give you four and a half hours of shopping time.'

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1. to travel as a day-tripper.

More examples(as adjective)

"entrepreneurs can be daytrip."